Beyonce – Halo (Review)

So, the song was originally meant for Leona Lewis and even though I’m a little bit disappointed with the idea, I’m actually do not care if Leona should’ve recorded it. It’s perfect for Beyonce’s voice and thanks to Ryan Tedder for another sure fire hit that ranks between the heavyness of “Umbrella” and “Bleeding Love”.

Taken from the “I Am” CD of Beyonce’s latest LP “Halo” is a power pop rock ballad designed especially for a diva. It’s heavy atmosphere makes the song as strong as it is. It’s deeply emotional and delivers a feeling of security through Beyonce’s vocals. It’s infectious, tear-jerking (semi) and uplifting (in some ways). It’s one of the best cuts on Beyonce’s intravenously irritating album (not really). It’s core emotion just make the song even better in many ways. I don’t know why this isn’t chosen as the first single. I definitely think that it’s a smart choice for a single this time of the year and this will be a surefire hit when it comes out this January.

RATING: starstarstarstar

RELEASED: January 2009


click HERE to watch the video.


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