David Archuleta – A Little Too Not Over You

The two Davids have been agreed to have released both disappointing debut albums. The truth of the matter is the other David really stepped up of his game and his likeability factor. I’m talking about David Archuleta. His debut single, “Crush” landed #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 while David Cook’s “Light On” only peaked as far as #3. Archie has lots more charisma than David C. these days. Yeah we have agreed David C’s the right Idol winner but is Archie leaving David Cook behind? Archie releases another cheesy teen pop song that will surely be the new song that girls everyone will go “GaGa” for the next couple of months or so.

“A Little Not Too Over You” is the second single off Archie’s debut CD “David Archuleta”. It may be considered “Crush part.II” but there are some qualities that would defy that. Even though “Crush” speaks of Archie’s feelings towards a girl (hooray for Archie!), “A Little Too Not Over You” shifts towards a melancholic atmosphere and the worst thing that will happen to a teen boy teen girl relationship. The so-ever-irritating-teenage-drama-love-whatever “Break-ups”. I know I may sound a bitch but I think it’s a little bit to early for 5 ft. something Archie to be singing of break-ups. (Forgive me Archuleta fans…). Even though I don’t like the idea of Archie singing these kinds of songs it amazingly fitted his musical style. His puppy dog eyes have charmed millions of girlspeople with “Crush” and now with this new song “A Little Too Not Over You” which somehow suits my taste and approves of David Archuleta’s talent to be recognised. He’s charming than ever and is definitely here for a long-term career (oops! I’m overreacting again!) Anyways, this song is well chosen for a release this time of the year. Perfect with the so-ever cheesy video of Archie and a hot girl. Enough of the rant! If you like Archie’s song, download it (legally!)

EDIT: Thanks for all the comments guys. I’m just basing my observations that I don’t know much adults liking David A’s music these days. Yeah, maybe he’s popular to adults too. I’m closing the comments for this post. Thanks. 🙂

RATING: starstarstarstar

RELEASED: January 6, 2008 (US Radio)





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39 responses to “David Archuleta – A Little Too Not Over You

  1. Anonymous

    This video ROCKS! You hit the nail on the head – Archuleta has always been more charismatic than Cook – his is a natural, understated charm, that when backed up by his killer pipes is irrestible – no manufactured singer or talent here… he appeals to girls, boys, men, women, gays, straights, all ages and races and everything in between.He attracts and commands attention even from his most ardent detractors. The guy is a bona fide artist, and a STAR. I feel this video and the song is a nice progression from Crush, and you must give David props for tackling the job of acting out the part of the angst filled boyfriend.. he could have copped out and had an actor portray the role…He hasn’t begun to scratch the surface of his versatility and talent, and the musical world is eagerly watching to see what he brings next. Good Job David – ALTNOY = SMASH HIT #2!

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks! after I read you review, I went to listen to “A Little Too Not Over You” and I love the song! I just bought it on iTunes and I bought the Deluxe CD. It is awesome! This young man is going to have a very successful music career.

  3. Anonymous

    This really is a great song, and the video..very nice.

  4. Anonymous

    David Archuleta is huge even overseas. His song CRUSH is song of the year and he is the Best New Male Artist fo the year also in the annual countdown made by one of the biggest FM radio stations in the Philippines. Please check out Archuleta Philippines to see how many charts were crushed! He is awesome=)

  5. Anonymous

    I actully like the songs You Can and the quirky sounding Your Eyes Don’t Lie.

  6. Anonymous

    David has just been lying in waiting to be released from Idols constaints. Now that he has a little more say (although not complete say) in what he wants to sing, we are in for the treat of our lives! David CAN SING, and will draw a ton of fans with his angelic vocals, and loveable, wholesome, and totally real persona!!! He is raising the “Bar” in Music now. Maybe all of us who have not listened to music for years(because there has not been a ton of good music to listen to) can reawaken our love of music with David’s wonderful vocal artistry, and beautiful heart and soul! 2009 promises to be a spectacular year in music with David in the mix now!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    I love thissong!

  8. Anonymous

    the song is awesome like david…love the video too

  9. Anonymous

    im from the philippines, a little too not over you is hitting the airwaves. it is currently No. 1 on our two local(HUGE) radio stations

  10. Anonymous

    wait till you see him in person, you”ll go gaga over archuleta

  11. Anonymous

    he can actually ACT, boy he’s gorgeous too. love this video and the song omg

  12. Anonymous

    I wanna pinch his nose and hug him so tight. I love the song by the way, quite mature for him but its really good. Ive been listening to this song over and over and i cant get enough of it.

  13. Anonymous

    I cried when I first listen to this song, I love Crush but I can relate more to this song. The way David sings this song is amazing, the bridge where he goes all ye ye ye oh oo aw sounds like the most beautiful crying noise by anyone ever. I wish I cried that pretty when I broke up. The rest of the album is amazing. If anyone were to buy the album try to get one with the bonus tracks from Wal-Mart or Itunes.

  14. Anonymous

    You wanna know about charisma? See him in person one day. It was a complete surprise to me.

  15. Anonymous

    It’s my new year’s resolution to see him in person. Everyone says how real, humble and sweet he is. He is the only singer I am totally hooked now.

  16. Anonymous

    OMG He is amaazing!!! Love, loVE, LOVE his sound. So much beautiful talent be all packaged up into one person! He’s adorable.

  17. Anonymous

    One of th best albums I have heard in years! There is just something about David that draws you in. Love this video. He did a great job! The song is amazing and David co-wrote it, even better!

  18. ken

    hey there. are you the same person commenting all of these? haha.BTW, i’m from the PH too and i’m getting over David’s popularity here.

  19. Anonymous

    I am a David Archuleta fan for life. Well, am in my golden years and hope to live another half a century to ride along with David to his megastardom.

  20. Anonymous

    Ken, no it’s the same person who made the cooments, I chose Anonymous too because it is the most convenient.

  21. Pat T

    Congratulation are certainly due to Archie for putting out a tune abd video tat should leave “Crush” in the teen idol dust. HOWEVER, it should be poined out that he is hardly leaving David Cook behind. While Archie’s album debuted higher on Billboard, Cook actually sold almost 100K more with his debut one week later. (the difference was the stiffer competition Cook faced from well-known names his debut week). In the intervening weeks, Cook hs remained in the top ten in album sales for all except one week (he regained the number 10 spot this week) while Archie has fallen out of the top 20. As of now, Cook has sold 812K albums, while Archie has scored about 566K. Yes, Crush was a more successful single than Light On, but “was” may yet be the key phrase. LO continues its slow but steady rise on the charts while Crush is now being replaced with a second single. And let’s not forget Cook’s “Magic Rainbow”. Time of My Life has been number one on the AC charts for how many weeks now?Look, the David wars were over a long time ago. I only mention DC’s accomplishments because the author of this piece chose to go back to that worn-out but easier-than-thinking-up-a-new-angle comparision between the very talented and diverse Davids. Next time you won’t have to submit an article for publication during the holidays. Please use the extra time an find a more creative lead. Both Davids deserve to be discussed in their own merit without having a person who has nothing whatsoever to do with their current ventures being mentioned.

  22. Pat T

    I apologize for the typos above. Didn’t proof (obviously) before I clicked.

  23. Anonymous

    About a dozen countries round the world are playing and promoting his music; of course it’s going to be good! I’m a David fan for life too, greetings from the UK! If he doesn’t come over here soon I’m saving up and making my first ever trip to the USA, JUST to see David!

  24. Anonymous

    I think David Archuleta is amazing! I love this song and the video shows he can really deliver the goods! GO DAVID ARCHULETA!!

  25. joji

    i love this song a lot!!! i hope it will turn platinum like Crush… although Crush seems to be going and going and keeps on steadily holding on to sales until now… i hope Crush goes multi-platinum soon as well.

  26. Anonymous


  27. Anonymous

    Ok…..Never a fan until….I went to the q102 jingle jam.(Philly) This kid is crazy talented.No lie….voice to die for and he’s learning to work the crowd! He’s gonna be around a while..and this song is a solid next choice.Kill me now…I’m an Archie fan!!

  28. stacey

    The bomb baby the bomb…SMOKIN HOT VIDEO!!!!!!

  29. Anonymous

    Pat T…sorry to say but you are definitely Cook’s fan.

  30. Anonymous

    Yay!! A new Archie fan!! You guys, David Archuleta is so amazing! I can’t wait until the whole world realizes it!

  31. Pat T

    Yes, I like Cook too but that is not the point. They are both talented. Why do you have to diss one to praise the other? Especially when you have to warp the facts to do so. Let them stand on their own individual merit.

  32. violet4ever

    I love the song and the video! I’m a big Archuleta fan and I think the track was a great choice for second single, perfect paired with Crush and the exactly the way many crushes end up. And the video is great. I love the visual contrast between the dark neutral, empty and sad present and the brightly colored, busy and happy past. And David’s angsty performance is just perfect.

  33. Anonymous

    Another great song from an amazing (and incredibly likable) singer. I’m sure we’ll plenty more from him!

  34. Diana

    Thank you writer, you are right on about David Archuleta! By the way Pat T., we love David Cook because he treated David Archuleta very kindly, like a brother as they both have said. Your comment, “HOWEVER, it should be poined out that he is hardly leaving David Cook behind.”, we know that! David C. is in his world of rock and David Archuleta is in the world of pop at this moment. He will define himself as time goes on as he has said (that is something for a young man at this age to say) and will be some one that will be reckoned with in the future. Even David A. has said that he doesn’t know how long he will last in this business but he is going to give it his best while he is. This young man has such an incredible heart and such a unique voice which makes him that much more special. You will know when you hear David A. on the radio that it is him and will not mistake him for another. Many other artist now have the same sound and it’s hard to tell them apart. We are enjoying the ride with him! GO ARCHIE GO!

  35. Anonymous

    Thanks for doing this review. I’m so glad that you think Archie is better than Cook, because it is 110% true. However, you could have used less of words such as “cheesy”. It’s hard to understand if you like the song or not. Also, David may be short, but he is 18 years old, which is definately NOT to young of an age to be singing about breakups. “A Little Too Not Over You” is an amazing song that showcases David’s pure talent, his connection to music, and his humble, sweet personality. In my mind, no song, or music video for that matter, could be more perfect than this. It does not call for any negative comments whatsoever. Thanks.

  36. anna

    Pat T….You need to get your stats correct. You are “right on” with Cooks but Archuleta’s sales of 566,000 were from 12-12-08, 22 days ago. I think he has sold a CD in the last 3 weeks don’t you?

  37. Anonymous

    Pat T you need to realize also that Cook can only sing rock and what amazes me his album was categorized as POP. I heard him sing a Christmas carol on Disney’ Parade show and it was pitiful. And what about that excruciating Anthem he marbled out. Like it or not David Archuleta is the better singer and there is nothing to be said about that. I even heard hard rock fans say that his album was ‘generic’ whatever that means. Any way I think we can both agree that in this business what really counts is longevity. Right? There are millions of young girls who in a year or two or maybe even three that will be able to buy their own cd of David A.

  38. Anonymous

    Is there an Editor that proofs these articles? The first sentence made no sense at all! Just a note to the author…… teens are not the only fans of David’s!

  39. Anonymous

    I am not a teen and think he is very sexy. There is just something about him. His voice is so amazing I can’t really describe it. His voice is addicting. I wish he was a bit older since I am 22 but 4 years isn’t to bad. A lot of my friends are really into him right now. And there kid sisters are not as much. I think the fanbase thing is way off. I see far more 20 somethings liking him than teens. The video for this song makes me need a droll bucket. Some of those looks he gives *drops dead* gorgeous!!!!!!!!

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