Keane – Perfect Symmetry (Review)

Piano-pop-rock music has never been this good since these three guys came into the music scene way back in early 2000s and now their album conquered the charts last October and they’ve released two singles that quite made into the top 40. They’re back with another single titled “Perfect Symmetry” – the title track from their latest LP “Perfect Symmetry”.
“Perfect Symmetry” is a good choice for a third single and it’s proving to be a grower on me. It’s fresh, filled with heavy instruments with a lighter, but edgier theme. It’s message is somehow moving (in some parts). With those irritating chirping bird backgrounds it’s a nice, decent anthem. It follows the footsteps of “The Lovers Are Losing” combined with some elements of “Everybody’s Changing”. Lead singer Tom Chaplin sings about life, which somehow turned out to be holy in some parts. Their piano moving songs are back and it’ll prolly be back for good.

RATING: starstarstarstar

RELEASE: December 29, 2008


VIDEO: click HERE to watch the video.



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3 responses to “Keane – Perfect Symmetry (Review)

  1. Yuяi

    Nicely stated Ken! I just noticed how the CRAZIES came out for your Archie post! I can totally understand why the comments were closed up on that post. I have done that myself when it gets a bit “out of control”. You handled yourself very well with it, btw. 🙂

  2. ken

    Hey there! Thanks for your compliment. Yeah. A David ARchie fansite blog has posted about my review and they all stormed here and ranted about how they loved Archie. Lame. Haha. On the brighter side, it helped me with the promotion of the blog. LOL. :))

  3. Jizzka

    haha, hey! Went over here to read the comments you told me about, and yah, very fanatic. You’re awesome btw. I don’t really get the wonder of Archuleta though, his songs basically sound the same.Uh oh, am I gonna get stones thrown at me now?

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