I’m the loving kind…

So, the new single of Girls Aloud is out today (January 12, 2008) in the UK. It seems that the B-Sides are quite left behind when it comes to recognition. Many of us only know the b-sides if we buy the CD single right? Since this is a digital age, the singles are available for download individually. There also comes a time when the B-side is more enjoyable than the single. Hence, we might like the b-side more than the single itself.

So, the new single of GA does have 2 b-sides. The first one, “Girls on 45 Megamix” is literally a megamix of the hits of GA from past until the present (including: Call The Shots, Can’t Speak French, Something Kinda Oooh, Sexy No No No, The Promise, The Loving Kind etc.). It’s a volume 2 of the previous megamix which is included in the Something Kinda Oooh CD2 when it was released way back then. The intro/outro isn’t that great but the entirety of the megamix is actually enjoyable i just wish it had Love Machine which is one of my favourite GA songs of all time.

The other B-side “Memory of You” is included in the 7″ Vinyl CD Single of “The Loving Kind”. Unfortunately, the song is one of the best b-sides that I ever heard from GA. It should’ve been in the album but yet, I don’t know the reason why. The track was said to be originally called “Japan” but then it was changed to “Memory of You”. I was amazed when I heard this and as much as I want to buy the CD single, I can’t. The track also can be themed up from the likes of Call The Shots and The Loving Kind with slow, electropop infusion in the song. It’s one of the best b-sides of GA to date and I don’t know why they are including this on the 7″ Vinyl rather than the original CD single. Damn it.

Anyways, the new single “The Loving Kind” is out now! So grab your copies! :))

(AS I’ve said, there will be a hidden surprise so it’s for you to find out where it is. Anyways, i think it’s too obvious eh? LOL)


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