Hey guys! I’m finally having some time updating my blog and I’m pretty much in control right now. I’m not having my midterm examinations anytime soon but I will at the end of January so I maybe going on a pretty much short halt on posting. Anyways, I’ve decided to create some changes to the blog since it is 2009. Brand new year of new music for all of us.

The WEEKLY RECOMMENDS section will be replaced by the SINGLE OF THE WEEK and ALBUM OF THE WEEK sections. I’ll be posting a single review which I chose as the single of the week and an album review of which I chose the album of the week. Since there are not much new album releases this time of the year, it might start a little bit later than the single of the week, so watch out for that.

Also, many blogger create specials nowadays and I’m happy to announce that I’m also having a couple or so. From time to time, I’ll post some “BUZZ of the WEEK” special which features a certain artist or any article that created a little bit buzz for me or the music scene. It might be a review, a news article or a featured artist/song/album article.

Since, I’m fond of music charts, I’m creating my weekly top 10 songs that I would like you guys to listen or download. I will feature my top 10 every week so keep it logged here on my blog for the next few days.

*HOPEFULLY, these massive plans can be seen here regularly. I’m keeping my fingers crossed not to be lazy or too languish to do write something.



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2 responses to “Update!

  1. tricia

    hi ken! ur blog is simply odd and inevitable. i don’t really like it. its like nonsense to me! and so whatever! bwuhahahaha! and all i am saying is just a big JOKE! don’t be mad kimmy! labyu!=D

  2. Anonymous

    the one who commented above is so friggin’ stupid. this blog is so awesome. it’s informative and for your information this blog rules. Ur blog sucks big time Tricia.

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