Weekly Top Ten: 12.01.2009

Hey guys, it’s Monday and I’m setting this as the top 10 song day! I’m going to start my new special which is putting up my top 10 on my musical selection for the week. It means it has the latest singles which I like or some songs that you guys might like to check out for the week. Here it is:

1. “The Loving Kind” – Girls Aloud (DL: Now!)
2. “Change” – Daniel Merriweather (out: 02.02.2009)
3. “Memory of You” – Girls Aloud (avail.7″ vinyl “The Loving Kind”)
4. “I’m Not Over” – Carolina Liar (MySpace)
5. “Angels On The Moon” – Thriving Ivory (MySpace)
6. “Come Back To Me” – Utada (Official Site)
7. “Just Dance” – Lady GaGa
8. “My Life Would Suck Without You” – Kelly Clarkson (out: 19.01.2009)
9. “Diva” – Beyonce (out: January 2009)
10. “I Will Be” – Leona Lewis (out: January 2009)



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2 responses to “Weekly Top Ten: 12.01.2009

  1. Mel

    Hi! Thanks for the shoutout! I’ve put you in my blogroll as well! šŸ™‚ Good call on the Thriving Ivory track…I love that song. I’ve yet to hear “Memory..” by GA…can’t wait though!

  2. Jizzka

    Aw, Thriving Ivory! Can’t wait to hear some more of the GA b-sides. Love this list btw!

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