Lady GaGa – The Fame (Review)

Being called the “Future of Pop music” isn’t bad for a new comer. Especially for this New-Yorker which has been the centre of attention for the past year. Her inevitable funk, dance fashion has raved some positive and negative reviews across the globe. But the good thing is, even though she has been the culprit about the “image” copycattying between Xtina, she definitely has the style of her own and she’s setting the bar high as the new dance pop princess even being called the “New Madonna”.
Because of this, her singles made buzz around the world with “Just Dance” reaching #1 in Australia, Canada, US and UK and “Poker Face” staying a top in Australia for an astonishing 8th consecutive week, this girl has a long way to go. She’s currently the “Gaga” everyone’s talking about.

The Fame, is the debut album of Dance Pop singer Lady Gaga (Stefanna Germanotta) which hails from the Upper West Side of New York City. It’s figuratively a dance-pop album with electro pop beats smashed with infectious and pretty much heart stomping beats. It’s a feast of those who liked trashy, high fashion but yet sophisticated anthems suited for the rich and the famous. She sings about being famous, living in front of the spotlight and of course, inching her way to the top of her game.

Tracks that caught my ear are “Just Dance” which is probably one of the best dance anthems i’ve heard last year, the much palpable “Poker Face” which is surely as infectious as it might seem to be. The album is filled with some heart-stomping tracks like the riding of the disco-stick “Love Game”, “Starstruck” and “Money Honey”.

Apparently, Lady GaGa’s lyrical creativity isn’t much showing at all, with bullshite lyrics from “Poker Face” (I’m bluffin’ with my muffin, i’m just stunnin’ with my love glue-gunnin’) and the utmost irritating “Cherry Cherry Boom Boom” which I literally don’t have an idea where she got it. Although not really that obvious, “GaGa” does have a rich, powerful vocals. But i’m still doubting if she has the capacity to sing ballads like the appaling “Brown Eyes” and the not-so-ballad “Papparazzi”. Her musical style has just been embedded with much flambouyance and angst that I’m sure, many of us might like.

Lady GaGa never failed to demonstrate her amazing personality even letting us feel that she’s some huge popstar created from the trunks of Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera and Madonna. Althought it might be a little bit glittery at times, it’s a solid effort of producing an equally impressive debut album filled with 16 tracks that are hit potentials. It’s an album that is seemingly enjoyable from start to finish. She’s proven her worth of #1 with aplomb.

RATING: starstarstarstar

RELEASED: November 15, 2008 (AU), October 28, 2009 (US), January 12, 2009 (UK)

STAND-OUT TRACKS: “Love Game”, “Poker Face”, “Starstruck”, “Money Honey”

*grab your copies now! 🙂



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2 responses to “Lady GaGa – The Fame (Review)

  1. Mel

    Agreed, Gaga is where it’s at. “Starstruck” is my jammmmm. And I may end up getting to see her in March! Yay!

  2. ken

    really? I want to see her NOW. haha. :)) I’m in love with Starstruck. Great great!

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