Bryn Christopher – Fearless

Okay, so I’ve heard from this guy last year when I saw the video of Grey’s Anatomy’s new season promo ad and I was stunned by his huge vocals. I creeped him out of the internet and found out that he acted as a support for Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black tour last 2007. Since then, he went to release 2 singles namely, “The Quest” and the upbeat “Smilin'” in the UK. He also had his debut album released last year and unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet. But based on this critical reviews about his music, I suddenly found out that he’s been said to be the “male Amy Winehouse”. Based on what I hear from him, I’m actually agreeing on some parts but as I’ve explored his music I believe he has this distinct voice that is truthfully soulful and moving. After 2 singles under his belt and a debut album, Bryn Christopher is ready to release single #3 “Fearless” off from his next album due sometime this year.
“Fearless” sounds a bit of a mash-up between his first 2 singles, the inevitable “The Quest” and the quirky yet soulful “Smilin'”. It isn’t as much as infectious as his first two releases but it’s proving to be a grower with his much powerful vocals that tries to get away from the spotlight left behind by Amy Winehouse. He’s slowly stepping out of his comfort zone to produce more rich, mature material that showcases his majestic vocals. It’s pretty much heavy in the sense that it could be a motion picture soundtrack for a bond movie. As cool as it gets, Bryn Christopher is surely one of the new acts to look out for this year.

RATING: starstarstarhalf-star

RELEASE: January 19, 2009

1. Fearless




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2 responses to “Bryn Christopher – Fearless

  1. Paul

    Sigh. I love Bryn Christopher. If he was a number one star across the world instead of (sorry) Lady BlahBlah, then the world would indeed be a better place.

  2. Ken

    Paul: it’s okay, I believe he will have his time to shine. He’s amazing and we all know it.

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