Kat DeLuna ft. Lil’ Wayne – Unstoppable

We heard Kat DeLuna about 2 years ago singing the worldwide summer anthem “Whine Up” it pretty did well on the charts but not really reaching much top 10 around the world although it became a radio favourite, it’s well deserved R&B vibe has penetrated us with aplomb.
Now, Kat DeLuna returns to the scene with a brand new image. This time it’s pretty much better than her previous offerings. It’s a great way of a shift from R&B to semi-dance. If we’re going GAGA over these past few months, then the new one is yet to come. She’s collaborated with RedOne for the amazing romp dance rock anthem that’ll put her into the likes of Lady GaGa. I’m just not sure if this is the ultimate time for Kat releasing a new single because someone like Lady GaGa is still ruling the world with almost the same kind of music. I’m sure that the new image is edgier and much deserved of Kat DeLuna’s immensely powerful vocals and astounding dancing skills. I know if given the right chance she can manage to pull off that image and probably have a say in the music charts especially if she’s collaborating with one of the hottest artists of today, Lil’ Wayne.

It seems that I can’t get over with this song and It’s actually growing on me. It sounds similar to the rocky edge of “Just Dance” added with a little bit of Kat DeLuna attitude. She’s way over GaGa but she has something to say.

RELEASE: March 2009



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4 responses to “Kat DeLuna ft. Lil’ Wayne – Unstoppable

  1. Mel

    I agree — the comparisons are going to be pretty obvious to Gaga. But I still have love for Kat and “Unstoppable” should be…well, at the risk of sounding corny — unstoppable. It’s a great little ditty. I have my fingers crossed for her.

  2. Aaron

    I LOVE KAT!!I can’t wait for this – and I desperately want to watch that Video – but I have to stop myself!(How insane do I sound?…Hopefully not too bad)

  3. Ken

    Mel: yeah, it’s pretty much unstoppable. it’s defo infectious and I have to give Kudos to Kat for repairing her image. Hopefully it works.Aaron: me too. btw, that is not the official video. it’s just the audio sample of the new single. I’m excited!

  4. shaahin

    i love kat!

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