Alesha Dixon – Breathe Slow (Review)

After winning Strictly Come Dancing, Alesha Dixon decided to go mainstream and try her luck in releasing a solo material. Luckily, she had a top 10 hit “The Boy Does Nothing” and then released her album “The Alesha Show”. She has pretty much going on everything. Her inevitable charm, marvellous beats and her enthusiastic music just hits every one of us. Now, she’s ready to release single #2 off from “The Alesha Show” titled “Breathe Slow” this February.

“Breathe Slow” is absolutely on contrary against her previous single “TBDN”. “TBDN”, which is somehow a dance, ramba upbeat anthem made it big in the charts last year. It features Alesha’s charming soft voice incorporated with heart-felt lyrics and much deserved melody. It’s somehow reflecting of another ballad that’s quite danceable in ways. It’s not that original but yet it’s pretty catchy and a pleasant treat to our ears.

Personally, this has been my favourite song from her album “The Alesha Show”. It’s very soulful compared to “TBDN” and other songs in the album and I’m pretty sure it might get more and more positive reviews and reception when it comes out on February 9, 2009.


RELEASED: February 9, 2009

1. Breathe Slow




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2 responses to “Alesha Dixon – Breathe Slow (Review)

  1. QueenD

    Post some HIP HOP, RNB, TRANCE songs. I’m sooo hating pop music! Hahaha

  2. Ken

    STFU! Haha. This one is a little bit R&B. Anyways, try the first post, Daniel Merriweather's "Change" it's R&B and Hip Hip category.

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