Daniel Merriweather – Change

We first heard Daniel’s soulful vocals when he collaborated with English DJ, Producer Mark Ronson for a song in Ronson’s album “Version”. It’s a cover version of “Stop Me” and it stormed into #2 of the UK Singles Charts in 2006. Since then, Daniel has been working on his solo material. Now, he’s ready to release single #1 in the mainstream , “Change” which is a classic R&B pop anthem.
“Change”, is a pretty descent R&B song filled with stumping basses, satisfying drums and incorporated with some piano and saxophone/trumpet/horn. It’s funky, soulful yet proving to be very catchy and lines into the same league as some of today’s most famous R&B male artists can deliver. Daniel’s soulfu, rich and effective vocals carefully nourished and bought the song with aplomb.

Hopefully, with this release he can step out of the shadows of being just the featured artist on some songs that did well on the charts. He has his league of his own and has the eligibility of becoming one of the most sought after artists of his generation. Kudos to this amazing song!


RELEASED: February 2, 2009

1. Change
2. I Think I’m In Love




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  2. Ken

    What do you mean woot?

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