U2 – Get On Your Boots (Review)

Well, we’ve known U2 for ages now. They’re actually one of the best bands to ever grace the music scene. Winning 20+ Grammy Awards more than any other band, they’ve graced us with their irresistable masterpieces, and astounding stage precense having tours that are massively sold out throughout the world. Now, they’re back after 4 years for another breathe taking, money making stint that’ll make our eardrums burst with anticipation.

“Get On Your Boots” is the 58th single of the band released this February 15, 2009. It’s a solid electronic rock opus that pierces through our ears. It’s electronic vibe on this new single is somehow have been creeping through U2’s elements for years now. Although Bono’s odd writing could be sometimes rubbish, it’s somehow working on the meticulous taste of U2 fans around the world. Honestly, I’m not even a U2 fan ever but I’ve tried to listen to some of their material and I actually like some of them especially “Vertigo”, “Elevation”, “With or Without You”. In totality, this song could be another possible #1 for this Irish ‘legends’. It’s radio-friendly and very much satisfying in its own ways.


RELEASED: February 15, 2009 (Digital) February 16, 2009 (CD Single)

1. Get On Your Boots

VIDEO: TBR (January 29, 2009)


* so what do you think of the new U2 song?


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