Album of the Week : Jazmine Sullivan – "Fearless"

Jazmine Sullivan is a true rare gem to find. At age 17, she was signed in a major label recording company. In early 2008, she released her first ever single titled “Need U Bad” which was produced by Missy Elliot, it immediately went to #1 in the Billboard R&B Charts . After releasing, “Bust Your Windows” her name emerged in the world of R&B in the US which critics have described her voice somewhere between Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige which I honestly agree. Now, she’s nominated for Grammy Awards for Best New Artist, Best Song for “Bust Your Windows” and Best R&B Contemporary Album for “Fearless”. Slowly but surely, Jazmine is proving her worth of becoming one of the best singers in her field.
Most say that consistency is the main issue when it comes to critiquing the debut albums of these young female singers wanting to be proclaimed as divas in their own possible ways. Fortunately, Jazmine’s was very consistent althoughout. Vocal-wise, Jazmine’s vocals throughout the entire album is superb. Technical-wise, there are some low-points in the album specifically in the latter part of the album with tracks as “Dream Big” and “Live A Lie” which are somehow on the verge of being a little bit mediocre.

There’s a little bit of everything on Jazmine’s first LP. Frantically speaking, she totally experimented with a little bit of every genre as much as possible. The odd part is that most of her songs tackle a specific issue in a person’s life (specifically like a mature woman). The sultry “In Love With Another Man” – which somehow toys the idea of adultery but doesn’t want to hurt the feeling of the other man. “Call Me Guilty“, which shows how Jazmine takes on action about her abusive partner. The exuberantly performed “Bust Your Windows” which is practically the R&B take on Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”/ her revenge to a guy that somehow broke her heart. And The Carribean-inspired, “Need U Bad” which shows Jazmine’s needing for a guys love. and the most enjoyable beat in the entire album, the quirky, energetic “One Night Stand“, which showed Jazmine’s vulnerability

On the other part, Fearless shows a lot of anxiety – emotion wise. The soulful “Lions, Tigers and Bears” which depicts the fear of loving someone. “Fear” which fondles into our subconsciousness about having our own set of fears in life. The good thing about Fearless is that most of the songs are equally easy to associate to many of the listeners of this album. It’s realism makes this album so great lyrically. The most important factor of all is that Jazmine never failed to deliver the whole album without superfluousness. I’m pretty sure about a long-term career for this talented girl.


RELEASED: September 22, 2008

STAND-OUT TRACKS: “After The Hurricane”, “In Love With Another Man”, “Bust Your Windows”

*so what do you think of the album? Comments are highly appreciated.



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2 responses to “Album of the Week : Jazmine Sullivan – "Fearless"

  1. Jizzka

    I was immediately astounded by her song Bust a Window, I absolutely loved the violin acoustics and strong vocals, I’ll definitely check out her other stand out tracks.

  2. Ken

    Absolutely! The album is hot! 🙂

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