The Killers – Spaceman (Review)

Okay, I think we’ve can’t get enough of them lately. They’re too hot right now and there’s so much buzz going on when they released their album “Day & Age” which had a different sound than what we have expected from them before. Now, they’re currently up for 2 Brit Awards as they are nominated for “Best International Group” and “Best International Album” for “Day & Age” which went #1 on the UK Albums Chart last December.

“Spaceman” is quite different from Human as this one has more heavy guitars and has a more rock-ish sound. It started with a group type chant “oooohhh…” which is like a group of football fans watching a match. It’s actually complementing and a great way to start a song. The beat is infectious and addictive and much more to say they’ve quite stepped up their level. I’m not going to excoriate this because I know, there’s not much negativeness going on. It’s more radio-friendly and doesn’t exceed to what we are expected them to produce. Although, there’s a big possibility of this one not getting the same acclaim as “Human” did but nonetheless, it’s one of the better songs in their album and is in sure position to crack the charts (kill me if not!).

check out for the review of the Killers recent album, “Day And Age”


RELEASED: November 4, 2008 (US) February 9, 2009 (UK)





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2 responses to “The Killers – Spaceman (Review)

  1. Paul

    Love love love this track and video 🙂 PS Chace looks quite fine in the Leona video 🙂

  2. Ken

    Paul: I totally agree! To be honest, I kinda like “Spaceman” better than “Human”. LOLYeah, CHACE is so fit!! Unfortunately, Leona’s taken already. Tsk tsk.

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