Lily Allen – The Fear (Review)

So, we’ve totally missed Lily Allen eh? Everybody for a while thought that Lily Allen’s first single from her new album “It’s Not Me, It’s You” is the electro-pop number “Everyone’s At It”. Although it wasn’t, I’m still perfectly happy that “The Fear” is the first single. In this number, she talks about celebrities, being rich and of course, her friggin’ egocentric being.
Honestly speaking, “The Fear” is actually a pretty descent record which is an Justify Fullunderstatement to Lily’s annoying character following to her recent controversies including the threat of posting Katy Perry’s number online and of course, the label trouble about singing Britney’s “Womanizer” on Mark Ronson’s radio programme. “The Fear” is another electro-pop dance track which is slowly becoming Allen’s forte for the current time. It’s much suiting her voice and a pretty good shift from her previous offerings. It’s radio-friendly and a possible hit! Let’s see in what position will it chart when the singles chart comes out Sunday. Overall, Lily’s back on her game and “well done!”.


RELEASED: January 26, 2009

1. The Fear




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5 responses to “Lily Allen – The Fear (Review)

  1. Jizzka

    not a huge fan of lily allen, you’re right about the controversies, i loathe melodramatic artists, and lily allen surely knows how to weave herself into verbal trouble. btw. I LOVE the new look!!!im still working on my layout, and its a beyotch.

  2. Paul

    oh I’m so happy that this looks like being number one in the UK charts this week. Great song 🙂

  3. Ken

    RE: Jizzkayeah. I spent all night working on this stupid layout. LOL

  4. Ken

    RE: PAULYeah! I’m happy too! Too bad GaGa’s time is over at #1.

  5. Anonymous

    this song is for britney spears

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