RECOMMENDED: Jupiter Rising

Jupiter Rising is an American indie hip-hop duo composing of Jessie Payo and Spencer Nezey. They’re music is mainly hip-hop infused with dance and electronic elements. They released their first EP was released way back in 2006 but didn’t made any impact. Since then, the duo are struggling to produce more music by releasing more EP’s titled “Electropop” and the first single that was released to the mainstream “LA Girls / Tres Cool”.

Jupiter Rising has been supporting acts like The Black Eyed Peas and Lupe Fiasco and as well as appearing on MTV’s making the band. Now, the group is awaiting for the release of their full length studio album titled “The Quiet Hype” featuring it’s lead single “Falling Away” which is surely to crack the top 40 mainstream when it is released February 10.




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  1. QueenD

    Hmmmm… The song’s nice. Hmm..

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