Am I crazy or what?

American Idol 8 has this contestant named Patricia Lewis Roman and I quite think she does look like the old Leona Lewis we’ve seen from the X-Factor 2006. It’s just that Leona have gotten thicker and had shorter hair though. I’m pretty sure you will feel the same way when you see Patricia in a different angle. Am I just hallucinating or what?

Tell me…PLEASE. 😡



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4 responses to “Am I crazy or what?

  1. Nikki

    OMG! I completely forgot that there’s an episode tonight! Haha.. was writing my ‘Spectacular!’ review.. haha.haha. She does look a lot like Leona.Love the new layout btw..

  2. Anonymous

    is she related to her??

  3. Ken

    RE: NikkiThanks for the compliment. Anyways, you have to watch Friday’s episode. It’s cool.

  4. Ken

    RE: AnonymousI don’t think so. She’s Puerto Rican. Leona is British.

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