Coldplay – Life In Technicolour II (Review)

So we are actually left hanging on the Life In Technicolour I from Coldplay’s platinum-selling album “Viva La Vida” last summer and they gave us a stupid instrumental piece of shit. Fortunately when they released an EP titled “Prospekt’s March” they included the part II of “Life In Technicolour”.

The original instrumental was added a little more than 3 minutes and the results is exceptional. It didn’t sound like their smash hit “Viva La Vida” but it is quite a nice decent song for Coldplay to be singing. The opening, which had guitars flowing is quite serene and then the song became bigger and bigger as it progressed. For the most part of the song was the guitar instrumental sample and then there were slight entries of Chris Martin singing about streets glowing and keeping his feet off the ground of some sort. I mean it’s a nice song but it may have sounded better in full instrumental. I just wish Chris Martin had just sung more of the whole song instead all of those guitar samples whistling over half of the three minute follow-up. It’s quite big and can be a possible hit.


RELEASED: February 2, 2009

1. Life In Technicolour II
2. The Gold’s Rush




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2 responses to “Coldplay – Life In Technicolour II (Review)

  1. Paul

    brillo new layout btw. wanna redo my site 😛 hehe, and i have very belatedly fallen in love with the latest coldplay album (and subsequent EP). It’s very good isn’t it?

  2. Ken

    RE: Paulthanks for the compliment about the layout. Yeah, I loving Coldplay’s materials nowadays. In short, I’m a little bit hooked onto them.

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