Album of the Week: Franz Ferdinand – "Tonight"

Hey guys, just a quick rush post. I’ve done my best to review this album. I definitely had a hard time listening and taking notes from the album so forgive me for some redundancies and well, imperfections.

Ah…Franz Ferdinand! Finally! It’s been a long time since we’ve heard an album from Scottish band Franz Ferdinand. It’s been a whole 4 years since their last offering, “You Could Have It So Much Better” and we’re actually pretty excited about the comeback. The band spent quite a while recording this album and quite had their few share of producers, especially POP producers like Xenomania, the team that had placed Girls Aloud on the map of pop music. Now, the group finally amassed their brand new material in the form of a new album titled “Tonight: Franz Ferdinand”. With efforts of breaking out from their previous offerings, they’ve quite pulled it off in a nice effervescent way.

“Tonight” is pretty much a nice shift to a more controlled, focused image of Franz Ferdinand. Even though it is still a little bit more rambunctious, “Tonight” never leaves the usual elements of the band’s musicality. There are still lots of experimentations done in the post-punk guitars, a hatful amount of keyboard in the background and the ever-drunken vocals of Alex Kapranos, the lead vocalist.

The first single off the album “Ulysses” doesn’t much represent the totality of the whole album. It’s quite a decent rock song but didn’t have the catch of charm as “Do You Want To” or “Take Me Out” had. “I found a new way, baby” Alex sings with the usual song-filling La La La’s. I’m not impressed with this single selection and maybe they could’ve had chosen another song to be the lead single all a while their album has lots of single potentials.

Even though the band stated about a deliberation from their previous LP, “Tonight” didn’t quite give enough clarity to that. There were lots of familiar tunes in the entire album that didn’t give enough conviction to justify the “shift” or “change” they were trying to point out. Although there were some disappointments, there album still never failed to give better songs in the album. The stop-motion tuned “Turn It On” was quite pleasing yet deviating. Then the Afro-inspired “Send Him Away” which is probably one of the better songs in the album is also quite enjoyable and one of the easily to be recognised songs in the album. The complete and utter tittuped “No You Girls” which tries to enunciate in a saucy manner about kissing girls. Then there’s the disco-ish sound of “Live Alone” which tries to implicate about being independent that is accompanied by playful instrumentations in the background. And the boldest song in the album which should’ve been the lead single “Lucid Dreams” with the not-so-irritating “oohs” and “waahws” the guitars are absolutely in concord with the entirety of the song. Then the surprising closer “Katherine Kiss Me” which is a definite acoustic transformation of “No You Girls” turned into a mocking daytime coquetry. –– the album in totality is still quite fast-paced but then they should’ve tried to experiment more or even deviate more to what they’ve released 4 years ago.


RELEASED: January 27, 2009

STAND-OUT TRACKS: “Lucid Dreams”, “Send Him Away”, “Turn it On”

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2 responses to “Album of the Week: Franz Ferdinand – "Tonight"

  1. Paul

    The Franz at this stage is probably one of my fave new albums of the year, though yes, the year is incredibly young yet and Spectacular just came out 😛 Oh and i’m sad that Ulysses didn’t fair better in the UK charts 😦

  2. Ken

    Ulysses is a good song but I’m not a fan.

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