Katy Perry – Thinking of You (Review)

As far as we’re concerned, Katy has done pretty much everything we could’nt image her to do. Kissing girls, chasing her groom in his dreams and now she’s onto something different. She shows her soft, yet vulnerable side. Katy does it with style and glamour even though she’s a little bit morose. Anyways, “Thinking of You” was released last January 12, 2009 into US Radio and has already climbed onto the top 50 of the Billboard HOT 100 charts. The song will be released as an official single in the UK starting March 9, 2009.

“Thinking of You” is the first ever ballad written and sung by Katy Perry. It shows Katy’s emotional, yet softer side while regretting her present relationship onto her past one. “Thinking of You” is an absolutely astounding ballad that features Katy’s amazing range with her raspy, rocky yet sultry vocals. She delivers the song with full emotion and conviction in accordance to the pop/rock theme of the whole melody. All in a while Katy shows her versatility in singing these kinds of songs which she is doing exceptionally.


RELEASED: January 12, 2009 (US radio), January 19, 2009 (AU), March 9, 2009 (UK)




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