Tommy Reilly – Gimme A Call (Review)

Recently, the UK’s Channel 4 had a singing competition for unsigned acts called “Orange’s Unsigned Acts” and luckily this Scottish singer-songwriter won the feat. He had covered The Killers’ “Mr.Brightside” on the show and even sited his influences as Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams and Frightened Rabbit. There’s so much expectations from him because last year’s winner failed to crash into the music scene. Now his new single “Gimme A Call” landed onto #14 of the UK Singles Charts last Sunday. He is full of promise and has the qualities to become a star in his own terms.

“Gimme A Call” is surely an acoustic number full of strings and can be particularly branded to the music of other acoustic singers like “The Plain White T’s” etc. His affectionate Scottish accent provided much likeable sound on the entire song. His bizarre vocals and amazing stage presence makes him much admirable in many ways. Although the song lacks the big usual chorus we are always eager to hear, he gives us this somehow restrained feeling and pretty much doesn’t correlate to the qualities of a possible smash hit single. Aside from this, he isn’t quite ready for the much acclaimed status of a reality show star breakaways like Leona etc. have done in the past.


RELEASED: January 26, 2009


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  1. Anonymous

    I would say the song merits something more than the 3.5 stars awarded. This is songwriting in its purest, simplest form. It's rough, raw, honest music. Love it.
    Any ideas on when his album is being released?

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