Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You (Review)

Lily Allen has been getting much attention for the past year. Not for her MUSIC but her mischievousness. She has been all over the British tabloids the past year and has created such commotions for reasons of obnoxiousness, ridicule and of course being Lily Allen. Although she has been through those commotions, she’s ready to release album #2 after 3 years. Lily with her much noticeable English accent is back into the music scene with an album full of songs that presents a brand new sound of Lily in a fashionable yet blustering way.
Of course, who would forget Lily’s first few singles that were absolute radio favourites across the globe? “Smile”, “LDN” With thy Lileth’s ever cockish, accentuated vocals over abhorring lyrics she broke through the international music scene with flying colours. Now Lily shows her versatility in music yet still with the accentuated singing voice to once again build up another commotion in the music scene with her impenetrable, yet ethereal songs that will have to be lent by our ears.

The opening “Everyone’s At It” leaked somewhere in the third or fourth quarter of the year and is kind of a sneak peak of what Lily Allen’s “new sound” will actually sound like. It’s an elegant electro-pop track infused with police sirens in the background with Lily talking about using drugs or something that I don’t really know what it means. It’s actually enjoyable for the first time you hear it but no “Wow!” factor to be rambling about.

Then the lead single “The Fear” is next. It’s effervescently pop sound infused with electronic beats is merely addictive in umpteen ways. Lily talks about fame, money, being rich, guns, ammunitions etc. which is hardly unfathomable in a certain point.

I’d have to admit there were actually unexpected amazing tracks in the album such as “22” which is a playful rendition of Lily singing about a soon-to-be old maid. The drums, synths are absolutely gratifying in numerous ways. The ludicrously penned and performed “F*** You” is one of the favourites in the album with samples from The Carpenters and the intervention of the chipmunks in the bridge singing “F*** You” in a ridiculously crescendo way. I have to admit that this is one of the shining moments in the album in a rib-tickling way that’ll put a smile on your face for the rest of the listening session.

The album is also filled with personal affairs pertaining to her feelings. Her outspoken and adventurous lyrical craftsmanship compliments to some of the songs in the album like “Him”, “He Wasn’t There” and the turning of friendship to love “Who’d Have Known” which shows Lily’s gentle approach to a somehow ethereal happy that is a little bit contrary to the bitterness and revenge that Lily had to portray on some songs on her last album.

Comical as it may seem, Lily does have a bit of roughness going on to being even putting some foolishness in her track titles like “Chinese” which she got from talking about getting “Chinese” food while watching TV, the utterly funny “Fuck You” and the bonus tracks “Kabul Shit” and “Fag Hag”. It’s no wonder why her trashy tongue has placed her into some trouble in the past.

Although the album lacked those big arousing chorus that pertains to the qualities of a big pop song, Lily doesn’t need them. Hers were infectious enough, satirical maybe but yet likeable in many ways as possible. Her comeback was indeed fresh; a breakthrough from the usual pop offerings of the recent but yet flavoured with enough twists and turns crafted in a very sleek modern manner with electro pop feel.


RELEASED: February 9, 2009

STAND-OUT TRACKS: “F*** You”, “22”, “Who’d Have Known”, “The Fear”, “Everyone’s At It”

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  1. Anonymous

    This album is absolutely bullshite! 1/5! I effing hate Lileth!

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