Update: Temporary HIATUS.

  • Hey guys, it’s my MIDTERM week so no reviews will be posted the whole week. Gotta do some extra work here. Hope ya’ll understand.
  • Anyways, there will still be the SINGLE and ALBUM of the week.
  • SINGLE of the WEEK: “T-Shirt” by Shontelle.
  • ALBUM of the WEEK: “It’s Not Me, It’s You” – Lily Allen
  • The Grammys have gone by and I’m uber excited to comment about it. More on my reactions this week (Hopefully, I can come up with one!) HERE are the COMPLETE list of WINNERS.
  • That’s it. Thanks. :)) See ya’ll SOON!


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4 responses to “Update: Temporary HIATUS.

  1. Yuяi

    Good luck on your midterms! I’m sure you will ace them. 🙂

  2. Ken

    thanks YURI. YEAH. i HAVE to ACE ’em.:)

  3. Paul

    Yeah hope they have all gone well. Try not to be TOO distracted by Just Can’t Get Enought 😛

  4. KEN

    re: PAULLOL. I totally am distracted with the new saturday’s video. Idk why. Haha.

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