I shouldn’t be doing this but…

I need to rant about it. India.Arie‘s new album “Testimony Vol.II: Love and Politics” is out NOW. I have my copy and I can’t wait to hear it. Unfortunately, I have something else to do. Anyways, not sure If I’m going to review this one ASAP. Let’s see.

I’m filled with euphoria right now.




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4 responses to “I shouldn’t be doing this but…

  1. Nikki

    Well you’re better off than me! I posted tons of stuff during my midterm week(although I did get relatively high scores, within the top ten of my class! yay!).. haha.

  2. John

    Don’t keep us waiting too long, though. Very eager to hear how it is. I lost my way with India for a bit, but she’s been pulling me back in recently.

  3. Ken

    RE: NikkiYeah. I can’t concentrate that much when I’m studying and blogging at the same time. I’m a procrastinator in my own ways. I tend to blog much than study more. Thankfully, I get to have high scores too as far as i’m concerned. LOLJOHN: Yeah. I will try to make a review of the album as soon as I can. Hopefully that’ll be soon enough. Thanks for droppin’ by. 🙂

  4. muchie

    Cant wait Kimmie! =))

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