American Idol: Top 36 – GROUP 1

So, we have the new top 36 eh. And AI’s up for a brand new format. Starting next week the top 36 will sing in groups of 12. A combination of girls and boys. So watch out for a quick rant about their performances when they hit the stage starting Tuesday (US time).


  • Alexis Grace, a 20 year-old mom from Memphis, TN. She has a really big voice compared to her small frame. I’m loving the red highlights eh. Avril Lavigne sort-of?
  • Danny Goakey, (on picture) 28 year-old whom is one of the favourites to win the whole thing. He’s really soulful and has an absolute mass appeal.
  • Stevie Wright, God! She’s effin’ gorgeous but doesn’t look like her age. She’s absolutely oozing with talent and has a potential but I think she has a little chance of winning the own thing.
  • Michael Sarver, the oil-rigger. A big guy with a very soulful and pure vocals. Doesn’t look like he’s going to win but at lease he can really do good in the competition. One of the stand-out for the guys.
  • Jackie Tohn, the only rocker chick that I liked in this season. She’s full of charm and has a knack in singing her songs with full conviction.
  • Anne Marie Boskovich, (on picture) the lovely, charming, gorgeous, adorable and whatever nice thing I could describe her will fit in. Her very simple yet attention-grabbing voice and beauty will really make her go far in the competition (at least if she goes in the top 12).


  • Tatiana Nicole Del Torro, the undeniably very annoying contestant hailed from Puerto Rico. She’s just full of drama and I’m really sick of it. But at least there’s someone to make fun of. But I have to admit, she has a big voice.
  • Anoop Desai, I just don’t know if he can pull throughout the competition. Although I like his vocals, he doesn’t really have the “STAR” quality or complete package to begin with.
  • Casey Carlson, She’s gorgeous and HOT. I have to admit that. But the truth is, is her charm going to let her win the competition?

* watch out for other contestant overviews over the course of the week-end and Monday.
check GROUP 1 HERE.

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  1. gabs

    hey kim i so agree dun sa favorite na ai contestants mo. hehehe ngypn lang ulit ako naka visit sa blog mo. uy about dun sa pag manage ng site ko i’ll be glad to accept any help from you see ya soon

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