RECOMMENDED: Gary Go – "Wonderful"

You may not know him as of now but I’m sure you’ll do. The truth is you might not see him in the near future. Not to mention he will only release his debut single “Wonderful” tomorrow in the UK. He’s also not going to be at home for a couple of months because he will be all around Europe- Supporting the Script on their European tour that is. This emerging new artist came into attention when he said he will be supporting British major pop group Take That on a series of their concert dates in the UK. With his geek-ish sense of fashion this Londoner seems to take his first step of becoming a well known solo artist with his music related to the sound of Coldplay, The Fray. At first listen, you may think “Is this another band?” well you are probably wrong. He’s a solo artist for a change.
“Wonderful” is the debut single of Gary Go released February 16 in the UK. With it’s predictable “oooh” intro, “Wonderful” is undeniably catchy and irresistible to say the least. “Say I Am…Wonderful” he sings with much emotion and character. It’s indeed a soft-mellow pop rock ballad that may sound from Coldplay to The Fray to the The Script. The whole song is indeed a radio favourite and with this he can set the bar high for aspiring male solo artists that may or may not sound just like him. I have to say it’s brilliant to the sense he’s not trying to hard to sound someone.


RELEASED: February 16, 2009





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4 responses to “RECOMMENDED: Gary Go – "Wonderful"

  1. Paul

    i really should give gary another “go” (ba dom tsssk!) – i saw him supporting the feeling last year, and maybe he had an off day or something because it was a dreadful set 😦 Put me right off. i will check out his studio material!

  2. Ken

    He’s amazing. His album is due for a May release. Can’t wait to hear it.

  3. Jizzka

    Love this song, but they actually caught my attention because of the neat video.

  4. Anonymous

    amazing song amazing artist

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