RECOMMENDED: The Prodigy – "Omen"

If you don’t know them, they’re one of the most influential electronic bands in music history (at least for me.) They’ve been on a hiatus for quite a while now. They’ve been quite successful in the business during the late 90’s and their album in 1997 placed them on the map getting #1 spots and platinum status all over the music charts across the globe. Their last album wasn’t bad either, released in 2004 was peaked #1 in the UK. At least there’s Pendulum to keep us aware of the Prodigy’s music. After 5 years, they’re back with another electrifying material. Their new single “Omen” is purely amazing filled with fast hyped ambiance, decorated with amazingly crafted synths and heavenly upbeat tempo.
“Omen” is still one of those songs from them featured with old-school greatness. Cutting-edge beats and a little bit superfluity on the vocals, it’s a perfect dance rock anthem. It’s filled with electrifying romp and much darkness. It’s appeal is still inevitable and could be a dance anthem as far as I’m concerned. It’s a favourable track suited for those finding some electricity raging through their veins with much rock and amplifying ambiance. It’s a sure hit.


RELEASED: February 16, 2009

1. Omen
2. Omen (Noisia Remix)



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