RECOMMENDED: Stone Walters

I guess talent will never be worn out over the years. Stone Walters, another fresh face in the music scene is a man filled with soul and ambition to sing his heart out. With Stevie Wonder as his inspiration, London-born Stone Walters is releasing his debut single titled “Trouble”. Doing a one-man job, Stone recorded, produced, wrote and arranged all of his music. Stone tells that the whole experience has become a learning curve for him.

Stone was born in South London to German and Jamaican parents and particularly made music his whole inspiration to live. Idolising Stevie Wonder, Stone swore to give his best in producing music so that he can entertain. With his music being described as a “Wonderbra for the soul!” one thing is for sure – Stone’s commitment to wanting to see others succeed in life means that his music will move you, inspire you, and encourage you to break free from the monotony of a repetitive existence until we all start living our dreams again.


“Trouble” which is Stone’s debut single is the result of Stone’s hard work. Having written, arranged and recorded by him this one might be underestimated. “Trouble” is a solid effort that features Stone’s personality as a singer. Although still quite unknown, Stone tries to deliver his character as a singer in this song. It’s a soul, upbeat charmer with a little bit resemblance to Bryn Christopher’s musicality. There are xylophone tingling, violins and lots of strings that may accord him with Bryn’s music. Although it isn’t that original, “Trouble” is still quite a decent track. Although Stone should’ve given a little bit something more to offer in this track ’cause it might make or break his career. Even though the vocals were neat, the song is still quite cliffhanging to say the least. He shoud’ve experimented or showed his range a little bit more. Having said so, “Trouble” is still a radio-friendly track with it’s harmonious band giving the song different colours of soul, it’s still a solid effort for a debut single with hits and little bit misses on the process.



RELEASED: February 23, 2009




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