The new Girls Aloud single will be…

After winning the Best British Single on the 2009 Brit Awards, Girls Aloud has said their new album will be released 2010. But the more surprising news is the official 3rd single from their album, Out Of Control will be “Untouchable“.

The single will be released April 27, 2009.


click HERE for the album review of their latest LP, “Out of Control”.




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5 responses to “The new Girls Aloud single will be…

  1. Paul

    which is ace, but is probably the most played album track for me after The Promise so i am a bit bored of it now. Am having new found love for Rolling Back The Rivers

  2. Ken

    Yeah. Although I played the song tremendously, I’m still in love with it. I’m excited for the radio edit / single mix.

  3. Adem With An E

    Incredibly good news. I just hope they don’t fuck up the clip… this track deserves an epic video.

  4. Jizzka

    I literally smiled like an idiot when I heard about this before. Untouchable is my favorite GA song!

  5. Ken

    Yeah yeah. I agree, this one should be GREAT.

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