SINGLE REVIEWS: Something Taylor, Shontelle, Take That

Hey guys, I’ve been very busy so I’m making this quick post with some selected single reviews for my peace.
TAYLOR SWIFT – “Love Story”
Of course, she’s one of the hottest female artists of her generation. She’s fresh, young, and of course oozing with talent. This country superstar tries to crack the world charts with her bubbly, fairy-tale esque track filled with fantasy, wit and of course her knack in singing these kind of songs. “Love Story” is absolutely radio-friendly, adult-friendly and an absolute recommend for those quirky teenage girls fantasising about having an affair with the J-Bro’s. Too bad, Taylor was an undeniable victim. Ouch!
This “NEW” Rihanna is pretty much everywhere right now, at least she is. Hailing from where Rihanna used to be living, Barbados. This Caribbean songstress has a smash hit under her belt as of the moment. “T-Shirt”, it is. It’s pretty much playing over the radio as many times as “Umbrella” did way back in 2007. It’s infectious, hip and shows her fetish over her boyfriend’s oversized t-shirt which is an anathema for me. Overall, “T-Shirt” doesn’t very much feel original at all. There’s something about it that I kind of heard before but not really. It’s message isn’t quite that important, with her longing for her boyfriend that she wore his t-shirt just to pretend she misses him all the while the boyfriend is just at work. How awkward is that? Anyways, The song is still one of the hits in late 2008 and now Shontelle is ready to take on the British music scene. Will she reach top 5?
RELEASE: February 23, 2009
TAKE THAT – “Up All Night”
Okay, They’re Britain’s most prised treasure but how are they popular somewhere else? With their ever charming personality, these 5 “legends” has come a very long and winding road-way. They’re never tired of releasing singles and albums that they became totally annoying for the past 6 months. Ironically speaking, I kind of like their album but I don’t think “Up All Night” is a massive single potential. It’s just one of those tracks in an album that you want to skip because you’re bored to listen to it. Anyways, let’s give it the benefit of the doubt whether this song will reach the illusive UK #1 spot.
RELEASE: March 2, 2009

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One response to “SINGLE REVIEWS: Something Taylor, Shontelle, Take That

  1. Paul

    Shontelle = hideous 😦Taylor Swift = I adore this. It’s the key change after the middle eight. Takes the song to exciting new levels. Such a cute video too. Not really taken to her album, but this is a terrific single.Take That = annoying? NEver!! I like Up All Night, but don’t think it’s the best single choice – The Garden is much more representative of their talents and should be the third single. However the flip side to UAN is a track called 1984 which is entirely immense. I think probably a number 8 peak for this song.

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