Album Reviews Round-Up: Empire of the Sun, The Prodigy and some millionaire

It’s an irony I’ve only got the chance to make these kinds of posts because I’m so busy right now. I just don’t know how to fit updating my blog into studying which is kind of hard. LOL. Anyways, Justify Fullhere are small bits of my commentaries on some albums released this February.

ALBUM OF THE WEEK – The Prodigy – “Invaders Must Die”

I’ve heard some songs from this band way back in the early 2000s and I didn’t pay attention to their music at all. At least now, I’m in a rightful state of mind to at least give a brief rating of their comeback album! LOL. These rock electronic legends are surely back and they’ve already highlighted their highest peak as a music group. Setting a statement onto the rock/electronic fusion music scene they’re absolutely considered legends! Even though they are ageing, their music is definitely still hyped, filled with much energy, euphoria and much angst to propel themselves as one of the most respected rock bands. Hyped-synths, heart thumping beats and electrifying rush, “Invaders Must Die” doesn’t seem to tell how old the band is hence, it’s the salvo of a longer, yet fresher career ahead of these electronic gurus.

RELEASE: February 23, 2009

EMPIRE OF THE SUN – “Walking on a Dream”

Looking at the cover of this album, I was like “How the hell do these guys sound?”. I was too curious to listen to their album until I did and I was literally impressed. It’s from an Australian duo namely,Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore. They’re like huge in Australia except for the fact that “Empire of the Sun” is just another music venture by the two. The duo’s debut is “Walking on a Dream”; a 43 minute sun-drenched mid-tempo excursion into easily-digestible, shiny pop. Title track “Walking on a Dream” is an absolute treat, with it’s 70’s-like sound and a certain attitude that separates them from becoming a doppelganger of American electronic breakthroughs, MGMT. “Walking on a Dream” is playful, yet bold enough to produce such groovy, electronic guitar anthems with a non-frenzy, laid-back atmosphere that just embodies their musical identity.

RELEASED: February 16, 2009

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE – “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”

It is undeniably the best film of 2008 and with all of the critical acclaim it has received, “Slumdog” is pretty much the breakthrough of the Bollywood scene. Although there are some bollywood movies that made it to international big screens, “Slumdog” is a true gem. Winning the “Best Original Song” in the Oscars speaks of a big, creative soundtrack. A.R Rahman brings the culture of India into one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard over the years. Although it may sound a little bit weird for some, the OMPS is absolutely well craftedly made, filled with India’s glits and glamour with the help of some of the most respected musicians to ever grace the Indian music scene. With the help of British/Sri-Lankan superstar, M.I.A. the soundtrack was fresher and has a more worldly attitude. The record’s highlight is “Jai Ho”, an exuberant Bollywood dance number that reminds us the feel-good factor that film has brought to our senses and it pretty much embodies the whole album in a good sense and a proof that A.R. Rahman deserves the accolades he has received for his magnificent works and the global recognition he needs to share the wonderful music of India.

RELEASED: January 12, 2009

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2 responses to “Album Reviews Round-Up: Empire of the Sun, The Prodigy and some millionaire

  1. Aaron

    I do like the Empire Of The Sun single – so that’s a good thing…I must check out the album!

  2. Jizzka

    i love empire of the sun!

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