American Idol 8: Top 36 Group 3 RECAP

Justify FullVON SMITH – “You’re All I need To get By” – Marvin Gaye

– Very low register in the beginning. Wrong song-choice again for the nth time. He can definitely sing but doesn’t seem to excel and he doesn’t know how to utilise his voice. Disappointed here, he almost reminded me of Leon Jackson. He can perform but I’m a little bit uncomfortable watching him the whole time.
– Not quite sure if he’s going to make it into the top 12.
– And being resembled to Clay Aiken is totally GAY.

TAYLOR VAINAFUA (17 y/o) – “If I Ain’t Got You” – Alicia Keys
– Very smooth vocals. Her image reminds me of the old Jordin Sparks way back on Season 6.
– She definitely has a gorgeous voice, whole and polished. It’s effortless and the high notes were easy to listen to. But it isn’t special at all. I totally agree with Simon that there’s nothing great about the performance.
– Hopefully she gets into the wildcard round. (Crossing fingers HERE.)

ALEX WAGNER-TRUGMAN (19 y/o) – “i Guess That’s Why They Called The Blues” – Elton John
– I just don’t get the song. The dancing were atrocious and the raspy vocals are a little bit annoying. Why do they choose irritating songs at all? Don’t they have some kind of musical taste. These are hits from the Billboard HOT 100 for Christs’ sake. Pick something a little bit more new. Arrrgghh.

ARIANNA AFSAR – “The Winner Takes It All” – Abba
– Very pop vocals. She can beat Miley by million miles. Nice voice, sweet presence. Nice registers in the high ranges and swift through the low registers. Simon’s a little bit harsh on that one. But I have to agree, again it’s another wrong song choice.

JUNO’T JOYNER – “Hey There Delilah” – The Plain White T’s

– Okay he sang that one on Hollywood. I’m expecting something new from him. He’s got a great voice as we all know but I’m totally disappointed with the song choice.
– Even said, his voice is absolutely amazin’. It’s soft, smooth and the performance is absolutely laid-back and good to hear.

KRISTIN MCNAMARA – “One Little Reason” – Tracy Chapman

– Her voice is something that I’ve heard before. She has a nice voice but doesn’t seem to be original and you won’t probably hear on the radio. She has a nice range but she could definitely sing more.

NATHANIEL – “I Would Do Anything For Love” – Meatloaf

– Wrong song-choice. It’s too old for his style. He’s totally GAY. I just am not getting it right now. If he wins on AI, I would not buy records from him. At ALL! It’s a little bit KARAOKE. Irritating. I couldn’t see him in the next round for all reasons.

FELICIA BARTON – “No One” – Alicia Keys

– She’s too lucky to be in the top 36. Too bad she fell in the first verse. Having said that, I totally love her vocals. She stood out from all of them. I do think it’s the best performance so far.
– I really feel good that she’s back. She has a great voice and I think she could go far in the competition. The judges underestimated her a little bit in the beginning.

SCOTT MACINTYRE – “Mandolin Rain”
– I think they just put him through because of his condition. But I do think he has a nice voice. Very American Idol-ish voice. I love the performance. PERIOD.
– I just don’t see him having any sold-out concerts in the near future. But I do believe he could make a difference.

KENDAL BYRRD – “Listen To The Girl” – Marina McBryde

– She’s shiny, fresh and very country. I think she has the voice to become a country superstar. The performance is a little bit cheeky for me.

JORGE NUNEZ – “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Me”

– Very accentuated, wish he could’ve sang a better song. I love his style but I think he needs to do some English lessons for his accent. That would improve his singing better.

LIL ROUNDS – “Be Without You”

– Very R&B vocals. I just see Fantasia in her. I just have to say it’s a bad ending. She has very controlled vocals and has an unbelievable style but yet not that original. “POWERHOUSE” is just a nice word to say.
– I just hope she gets the chance to be in the next round.



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