Lady GaGa – Singles

Okay, I know I’m a bit late for “Poker Face” but still I’m going to post reviews of her recent singles “Poker Face”, “Eh, Eh” which are current singles in the UK and Australia.

Okay, it’s the follow-up to the phenomenal “Just Dance”. The beat isn’t original at all but Lady GaGa really showed what she is as an artist. Her eccentric one-piece suits are absolutely phenomenal with the usual party animal attitude. “Poker Face”, one of the best cuts from her debut LP isn’t bad at all. GaGa’s brand new twist for pop music is indeed delighting. It’s electronic, hyped, futuristic, likeable in myriad ways and of course her image is astounding and trashy in a nice way.

Even though the lyrics are quite mixed up, “Poker Face” never fails to deliver Lady GaGa’s distinct sound. It’s effervescent, crafted in the same way as “Just Dance” but still has it’s own likeability factor. It’s a definite smash and has proven worthy of much deserved success.



Despite being one of the worst cuts on her debut LP, I definitely understand why GaGa released this as a single in Australia/New Zealand. It’s hooks and sound are definitely fitting the Summer season at the Land Down Under. “Eh Eh” is a very summery anthem featuring some quirky, comedic synths which are very much complimenting the whole track. This track may be a skip when first hearing the album but after a few spins this can be a grower. The reggae-influence to this track is absolutely complementing to the electro-pop fusion of GaGa’s vocals.
RATING: 3.5/5



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3 responses to “Lady GaGa – Singles

  1. Music Player

    Cool! I hope lady gaga could have international concert tour. I really appreciate her passion to music as well as her fashion statement. Kinda Weird but she can carry it very well.

  2. Jizzka

    I love Lady Gaga’s poker face video. Gaga’s style is enthralling, she’s like a lavish, futuristic, gangsta goddess.

  3. monica umg

    both of these singles are amazing – and i found the ringtones for them too. (texted gaga to 30303 – i believe this is it) has all the songs on the albumdef agree with the 5/5!

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