Album of the Week: Kelly Clarkson – "All I Ever Wanted"

I know, it’s the album of the week but I’ll just make this short and simple.

To be brutally honest with you, I think this album by Kelly is somehow a bit messy. There are great moments in the album but there are mediocrity in definitely unexpected parts. No worries, It’s still the same Kelly, with rock, raspy over the top notes and vocals. There’s no simplicity, greatness about the album. It’s somehow a scrap mixed from “My December”. Even have said so, there are great songs in the album such as “MLWSWY”, the “Fly On The Wall” version of Kelly’s “If I Can’t Have You”, the Halo-ish production of “Already Gone” and the tear-jerker “If No One Will Listen”. In the album, there are twists and turns with Kelly going soft-rock to somehow metal-rock with “Whyyawannabringmedown”. I guess, it’s a new Kelly after all. There’s no “Breakaway”, “Because of You” type of songs in the album that would make every girl go buy her album because they were like inspired of her lyrical ingenuity but many fans have been disappointed with this one. She has been very much anticipated the moment “MLWSWY” was announced as the new single. I just wish she’d go back to singing those kinds of songs that make our hearts melt.

RELEASED: March 2, 2009


STAND-OUT TRACKS: “If I Can’t Have You”, “Already Gone”, “MLWSWY”



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5 responses to “Album of the Week: Kelly Clarkson – "All I Ever Wanted"

  1. J.Mensah

    Do you like “Cry” that was my favorite cut from the album for a while. Hopefully the album grows on you. šŸ™‚

  2. Ken

    Kinda yeah but I’m really not impressed with the album. Maybe it’ll grow on me. I’m going to listen to the album heavy so that I can somehow learn to appreciate the album’s entirety. Thanks for dropping by. šŸ˜€

  3. J.Mensah

    good idea!no problem šŸ™‚


    you mentioned there was no tracks like ‘Because Of You’ and i think her track ‘Cry’ is very familiar to it, and it is also one of my FAV tracks on the album along with ‘Already Gone’

  5. Ken

    Yep. Cry is one but what I really mean was there was no significance compared to her previous offerings which are more favourable to say the least.

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