Recommended: Thecocknbullkid

When I first heard about this artist, I was like “Who the hell is this person?”. I was literally perplexed about the name and after rigorous creepings in the web, thanks to Google and Digitalspy, I was able to find out some of HER music. I’m a little bit surprised about what I found out. She’s 23, she lives in Hackney, a town in London, and she thought of Lady GaGa as someone who doesn’t have a thing to say in the industry, “She looks good, that’s it”, she says. By the way, her real name is Anita Blay.


Her brand new single, “I’m Not Sorry” is released under the indie label, Moshi Moshi and is packed with what she has to offer. She’s fresh, hip and has some qualities of a super popstar. SUPER because she has this ambiance which is refreshing but a little bit intriguing and hyped. Lyrically, “I’m Not Sorry” shows a little bit acridity and the fact of being a bit bitchy but not caring is absolutely favourable. She’s packed with attitude and she should be playing big on the radio anytime soon.

photo courtesy of Dan Wilton.



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  1. Music Player

    hhmm….Just good…but I like Lady gaga…Anita Blay looks pale while dancing this music video,,,unlike Lady Gaga very passionate on what her doing on doesn’t mind on what people thinks about her fashion statement.

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