Idol Top 13: The disappointments are starting to get on my nerve.

Although I’m massively disappointed with some parts of the top 13 being picked, I was still glad because I definitely have some favourites. Namely, Alexis Grace, Michael Sarver, Danny Goakey and who else… maybe some Anoop Dogg and some Kris Allen.

Well, what do I think about the Michael Jackson round? I think it’s a bit cliche to have Michael Jackson rounds on every season of American Idol. I just don’t effin’ know why they have to put a round where they have to sing the “classics” of the “king of pop”. So far, I’ve only heard a “best” performance and that was Season 7’s David Cook with his remarkable rendition of “Billie Jean” and the others that followed are suck ups. (sorry for the language)

Okay, so I watched the whole episode yesterday. It was an another 2-hour Michael Jackson affair, so I’ll have to bear with all of the performances. Luckily, I was able to pick some good and bad points from the show. I have to admit that Adam Lambert stole the show but as far as I’m concerned, I think it’s VERY early to say that we’ll see him all the way to the top. Keep it in your mouth for a little while Paula, you might regret what you’re saying.

Okay so from the guys, my best picks are Adam, Michael and Kris. I chose them because they were the ones who didn’t show a little bit of trying hardness onto their performances. Adam was extremely superb, Michael was subtle yet admiring and Kris was just Kris. Adam is just definitely mind blowing but I just don’t see him like becoming the next Chris Daughtry or something, there’s really something scary about him that I’m afraid of. In the other side, Michael whom Simon said wasn’t the best singer in the competition sang the big ballad “You’re Not Alone”. I think this song should’ve been sang by a girl. I’m not saying that Michael’s version wasn’t great, but I think it will kind of suit better to Alexis (just an opinion!). Kris’ performance was a little bit shakey for me although I love the whole guitar-singing thingy I wasn’t able to get the whole performance to be a classic Idol one. It’s more of a pop version of the song which I’ve barely hear it performed by Idol contestants. I’m predicting Kris will go a long way to this competition because he’s starting to be the next “everybody’s have a crush” on.

On the girls side, all of them were utterly lame. The song choices except for Lil Rounds were a bit off for me. Lil’s performance was a little bit shaky for me. I love the vocals but there is something missing from her performance. Jasmine’s was just “WTF is she trying to do?”. She obviously can’t sing big songs and despite of her inabilities, she decides to go for it which is courageous I have to say but honestly, by singing “I’ll Be There” she did her own death and eventually she said “Bye, Bye” to Idol. Alexis’ performance on the other hand was a little bit over-indulgent. The song was obviously big for her and although she had some brilliant moments, it didn’t suit her voice very well.

I have to say this in one paragraph to disengage her to the other girls, Alison Iraheta is definitely “THE BOMB”.

The forgettable performances were given by: Megan Joy Corkrey, Anoop Desai, Megan Joy Corkrey, Anoop Desai, Jorge Nunez, Jorge Nunez, Megan Joy Corkrey, Anoop Desai, Jorge Nunez. LOL.

Okay, so let’s wait next week for more Idol performances, would there be another big disappointment? Let’s find out. 😀


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  1. Music Player

    Its so sad that I couldn’t have the chance to watch American Idol as I am ver busy…grrrrr Anyway I agree that David Cook is one of the greatest product of American Idol as well as David Archuleta. They are really deserves to be called as”American Idols”!

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