Recommended: Parachute

It was like forever since my last post, JK. I’m still on the process of recovering from a huge massive exam so I’m likely to be shifting to sporadic posting since my final exams are just around the corner. To tell you the truth, I was asked to put up this artist on my blog and the moment I heard their music, I was literally playing their song “She Is Love” heavily.
For a decent introduction, Parachute are a five-piece band hailing from Virginia, USA. They were signed to Mercury Records in 2007 and since then have toured with Duffy, Jon McLaughlin, Switchfoot, O.A.R and more. Their current single “She Is Love” is featured in a Nivea Ad TV campaign which is shown in the whole U.S. Their debut album will be released Spring (USA) of 2009.

SINGLE: “She Is Love”

“She Is Love” is the first single off from their debut album to be released in May 2009. The bands cutesy style ever fits onto the wide array of bands emerging to the limelight. The track is indeed a crowd pleaser in the first listen and it just grows on you every time you spin the track on your music player. I’ve asked a couple of friends about their music and they seem to kinda like it. I agree this one could be an iPod filler but yet the track has the qualities of a soundtrack hit. “She Is Love” goes from the riffs of guitar string pleasure onto the soft-rockness portrayed by the drums and the sultry, laid-back vocals delivered by frontman. The song maybe not that original but the emotions, lyrical composition are good enough for a debut single that’ll surely make its way into being a massive radio hit.


RELEASED: February 10, 2009



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