Update!: The GA single mix for "Untouchable" is awful!

Well, it’s time for a cutesy little update. I’ve recently joined Twitter but I’m still not sure about making it as a permanent of thing. It’s quite addictive but I’m still controlling myself not to type everything I do as of the moment. LOL. Anways, here it goes.

The new single of Girls Aloud, “Untouchable” has a single mix leaked onto the internet. I just hate the way it was mixed. The vocoders are kind of irritating to be honest. Although it was a little bit shorter, I still like the whole atmosphere but I’m really appalled with what had been produced. I’m hoping it will be #1 when it hits the stores in the UK. I’m also excited with the B-Side, I hope it’s another classic GA song with its usual effortless vocals coming from the girls and an irresistible beat. By the way, the new Girls Aloud single, “Untouchable” is out on April 27, 2009.

ALBUM of the WEEK and SINGLE of the WEEK. Hmm, who will it be? I just don’t know why I’m too lazy to create a David Archuleta CD review. I procrastinated about this for months now. His album was out last year and I still haven’t had the chance to make a stupid review. Anyways, ALBUM of the WEEK will go to Miss Taylor Swift for her undeniably record smashing LP, “Fearless (UK release)”. SINGLE of the WEEK will go to Thecocknbullkid for her single, “I’m Not Sorry”.

Expect more single reviews round up and album reviews round-up at the end of the week. I’ll let you know if something big happens. Let’s see. šŸ˜€ Ta-ra!

LISTEN to the NEW GA single, “Untouchable” here.



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2 responses to “Update!: The GA single mix for "Untouchable" is awful!

  1. Adem With An E

    It’s truly awful, I hate that abrupt ending, there needs to be another chorus at the end of Nadine’s robot bit!!

  2. TheHypeFactor.com

    I agree.. I was going to post it to my website but I opted to instead NOT post it after listening to it.. šŸ˜¦

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