Recommended: Kimberly Cole [Review/Free DL]

For those living in the States and who are in luck to have watched the new TV series “Dollhouse”, You may know who I’m talking about here. Her song, “Superstar (Smash It)” was featured on the show as well as her as she starred opposite to “Dollhouse” star, Eliza Dushku. At first look you might wonder, “Is this girl a new addition to PCD?”. Yeah, her style contemplates to that but she definitely has a bigger edge than what you think. Mixed with sexy, her snazzy style is combined with a soulful voice and an effervescent personality that puts her as one of those “Ones to Watch” list.

With a sparkling effervescence and a magnetic charm, before she even sings a single note, Kimberly Cole is a captivating presence. When the beat drops, she rides the groove with a smoky, insinuating vocal freedom that fuses an undeniable pop sensibility to a sassy, edgy soulfulness.” – according to her MYSPACE.

Complete with the right accessories, short shorts, and a funky, girly attitude and even a roller skate, Kimberly’s style is an absolute treat but wait until you hear her songs. Her first EP, “Superstar” is a definite treat to the senses. Dancy, fun and a very pop sound surrounds her musicality. She’s very recent and definitely has a lot to say. Her emergence is somewhere around the corner and wait until you hear “Superstar (Smash It)” into your local radio stations.





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3 responses to “Recommended: Kimberly Cole [Review/Free DL]

  1. Paul

    ooo me likey. i haven’t committed to Dollhouse yet, i’m waiting to see if it gets cancelled or not but if it’s as perky as this i may well give it a bash 🙂

  2. Ken

    I’m glad you liked it. Anyways, is dollhouse being shown in the UK right now?

  3. Jizzka

    I heard it will be shown over there, via Sci-fi channel. Anyway, so glad you reviewed this! I still can’t get it out of my head, lol. And everyone should watch Dollhouse, it’s getting better every episode.

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