When You’re Around, We’re Untouchable… (Video Premiere)

Okay, the new Girls Aloud video has arrived. “Untouchable“, is the Girls’ 21st single to be released in the UK. It’s due on April 27 and you don’t even know how gutted I am ’cause I can’t buy it.

Well, for some video notes: The video is somehow futuristic and I have to say, Nicola looks as always fabulous with the striped outfit. Actually, they all look fantastic. It’s just that Nicola and Nadine are the stand-outs for me. I know, I know you all guys agree with me that the single mix is undoubtedly awful but if you heard their live performance on “Dancing on Ice”, I would say that they record it in a studio cause the ending was indeed fabulous with the riffs made by Nadine. Oohhh.. Lovely. Anyways, buy the single when it comes out. Thanks.

and oohhh.. watch for a 5/5 review


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One response to “When You’re Around, We’re Untouchable… (Video Premiere)

  1. Jizzka

    Hm. Yeah, they went over the top with the voice editing, which is a shame because GA can totally carry it live. And what is up with the ending? Anyway, told ya the vid would include a roboty and watery thing, haha. And even though they’re all gorgeous, I kinda like the Loving Kind vid more.

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