in for the kill. updates.

It’s time for a SUPER update.

First of all, my exams are finally over so I can already get back to my sporadic updates because I have summer work to do. It’s overly tiring but yet I’m not looking forward to anything this summer.

New music are utterly on their way this summer – which reminds me that it is Spring in most countries except Australia. New artists are starting to emerge such as La Roux, The Noisettes, Florence and the Machine, Daniel Merriweather etc. Well, starting April, I’ll at least try to blog more than the usual. Since it’s SUMMER here, I have nothing to do except working on weekdays and staying at home on weekends, Piano lessons and hitting the beach are also just around the corner.

Idol updates. As you’ve noticed, I’ve not been blogging about American Idol for the past few weeks. It’s because I still can’t get over the elimination of my favourite, Alexis Grace. I’m explicitly hating the show right now not because of the contestants but because of Simon, the show’s format and all. I think some of the contestants are overly rated and some are not. Maybe next week, I’ll start to make a review of the contestants’ performances whether I like it or not.

Also, I’ve been overly procrastinating about posting reviews here in my blog. I’ve been very busy and very lazy at the same time which is quite abnormal. Anyways, hopefully this summer, I’ll get to indulge in more new music and review them for your pleasure. Watch out for a new update next week, plus reviews (loads).

The blog will be undergoing a transition sometime soon. It’s really not that big but I’m definitely going to do something about it. XOXO.

and for a BONUS, here’s something to ponder on: LA ROUX – “In For The Kill”



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