Singles Reviews Round-Up: The Noisettes, White Lies, La Roux, and more…

The Noisettes – “Don’t Upset The Rhythm”

Hearing that this group, a London based group who emerged onto the live music scene a little or less than 5 years ago making the #2 spot in the UK Singles Charts, I was eagerly curious to hear them how they sound. It’s a tremendous effort to find their song because as you’ve heard they’re just preparing to release their debut LP. “Don’t Upset The Rhythm” is quite a delight, with all those beats such from vintage to pop, from rock to jazz. The track’s quite a mix of different music genres. With it’s infectious chant, “Go Baby Go” and all those “go” samples in the background it’s definitely chart pole position worthy, too bad GaGa is preventing their climb to the elusive #1 spot. Anyways, don’t forget to catch their single, “Don’t Upset The Rhythm” now available for download on iTunes.

RELEASE: March 23, 2009

White Lies – “Farewell To The Fairground”

With an album released last January, London based indie group, White Lies already had a top 20 single “To Lose My Life”. They sound a little bit dark, with all those rock hype penetrating every bit of track on their debut LP. It’s quite appalling at first but then you’ll have to love them if you’re into the indie music scene. “Farewell To The Fairground” is again, dark with melancholic lyrics bulging out of the somehow a vintage rock edge. They’re definitely in but then something detests that statement. Rock is definitely in but we have to consider having a little bit of brightness in some way.

RELEASE: March 23, 2009

La Roux – “In For The Kill”

Haven’t heard them? Well, you’re in for a treat. La Roux, an electropop duo based in London releases this new single “In For The Kill”. Alongside Blackpool new artist, Little Boots, La Roux is definitely another artist to watch out for this year. “In For The Kill” is a definite treat for those synth lovers. It’s a track filled with a pool of electronic beats, dance-floor filling rhythm and a nice falsetto voice providing a much more interesting catch to the electropop anthem. It’s massive yet subtle with a big edge in providing a new twist in 80’s pop synths. You just have to love them for what they’ve done. It’s an absolute worthy of your $1.00 or £0.69 in UK terms.

RELEASE: March 16, 2009

Miley Cyrus – “The Climb”

After spawning such irritating hits such as “See You Again”, “Fly On The Wall” and the ridiculous “7 Things”, Miley Cyrus a.k.a Hannah Montana is back with another single. This time it’s quite impressive. It’s a serious ballad talking about climbing mountains and all those stuff related to improving one’s situation in life. It’s not that great but it could pass as an inspirational song for those avid fans of the “pop princess”. I agree that it might be a song written and changed with a bunch of titles that never made for recording. For the first time, Miley is being pragmatic and show s a little bit of true more emotion and struggle in her music. Believe it or not, it could really pass as an American Idol winner’s song. (DL)

RELEASE: February 21, 2009 (US), April 27, 2009 (UK)

Bat For Lashes – “Daniel”

Having more and more critics raving for this Lass’ records, Bat For Lashes a.k.a. Natasha Khan is cultish in the pop music scene. Having her debut album spawn a Mercury Prize nod, Brit Awards nominations it quite failed to generate more listeners, with her CD peaking at a degrading #48 in the UK Albums Chart. Although quite indie, Bat For Lashes is indeed a true artist contemplating to the innovative world of the Pop Music Scene. “Daniel” is a squeaky clean track produced effortless with Natasha’s sultry vocals, it has this 70’s – 80’s feel in it with very innovative and undoubtedly crafty lyrics. It’s a definite treat for the senses. Relaxing but not scary, it’s an effortless effort that could bring her to national status. Hopefully, GaGa fans can appreciate this and buy the record in large amounts.

RELEASE: April 6, 2009


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