Recommended: Zarif

Literally, I’m in total love with this girl. Being described as the “Amy Winehouse without the drugs and drama”, it’s pretty much a good thing for this London girl. “Zarif” is quite an interesting name for a new soul singer, ain’t it? It’s very much attention grabber setting aside the fact that she’s been dubbed the new Winehouse. Her debut single, “Let Me Back” is set to hit stores on Monday, April 6, 2009. Luckily, I was able to listen to her single, at her MYSPACE and I say, she’s somehow more friendlier than Winehouse. Move over, Amy!

Zarif, is a London soul singer who typically has made a pretty good impression to the critics. With her sensible singing style, retro-soul charm, she’s definitely is ready for recognition Her songs are undoubtedly soulful, upbeat yet very very radio friendly. Critics have been ranting her for quite sometime now that even billboard stated “Think Winehouse with Madonna’s Pop Flair”. It only means that she’s more into making soul music very much pop at the same time. Her single, “Let Me Back” is quite a delight, with a retro ambiance surrounding the entire song and it’s impressive soulful flings coming from Zarif, it’s a smart choice for a debut single. You could fall in love with this song anytime.

You should definitely check out her songs on MySpace including the soulfu, acoustic “California”. It’s one of the best songs i’ve ever heard in a long time. Simply addictive.

Visit her MYSPACE:
Let Me Back (Acoustic)

Buy Her single “Let Me Back” when it comes out in the UK, April 6th.


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  1. Paul

    She’s jolly bonza isn’t she? There is such a glut of talented female singers out there right now i hope she breaks through šŸ™‚

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