Girls Aloud – Untouchable (Single Review)

The girls are pretty much in their mid 20’s and they’ve already stapled themselves to become one of the most respected personalities in British Pop music. With massive hitters Coldplay, Take That, James Morrison and even U2 frontman U2 expressing their love for the girls is pretty much overwhelming. Now they’re almost ready to release their 21st single as a girl group and with the video arriving last March, these girls are pretty much SIZZLING HOT! I say.

Well, their 21st single, “Untouchable” is the longest song I’ve ever heard of them. The 6 and a half minute epic was a delight on their 4th studio album, “Out Of Control”. Easy to say, it was chosen by their fans to be the next single after an online poll facilitated on their website ( Hearing this, we are very eager to hear what would the producers do to pack the song in a 3-4 minute period. Will it retain it’s qualities as one of the best songs GA has ever done or will it be a mere disappointment? Well, the result is a 3:40+ edit of the girls song and it’s somehow disappointing. Although being shorten and added with vocoders and stuff, the song is still amazing. It’s still fast paced, futuristic in tune and absolutely delightful. Anyways, buy the single when it comes out in the UK and Ireland on April 27, 2009.

* the single cover isn’t the official cover. The picture above was made by me. 🙂

RELEASE: April 27, 2009


1. Untouchable (Original Version)
2. Untouchable (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)
3. Untouchable (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)
4. Untouchable (Bimbo Jones Dub Mix)
5. Untouchable (Single Mix)



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