Can you stay up for the weekend?

Hey there, it’s time for an upsy daisy update. I’m here in the coldest place in my country right now and I’m happy about it. For you guys, 15 degrees might be like the hottest but in the Philippines, it’s one of the coldest especially for Summer. As I’ve said, I’m quite taking my weekend off from the city and head down to a vacation that I wanted to have for the past few months now. It’s effin’ HOT back home so I’m grabbing this opportunity to unwind, eat and prolly some good nice long driving that I deserve. I’m expecting not to have an internet connection since this is the PH and I’m going to a remote place or whatever. Luckily, there’s WiFi. Thank God for that. — okay, forgive me for the nonsense rants. Let’s get down to business.

“I’m Not Alone” a song by British electronic artist Calvin Harris is on it’s way to beat GaGa on top of the UK Singles Charts. I mean, I’m quite getting over GaGa now so this one deserves the top spot for all reasons. On the other side of the atlantic, the Black Eyed Peas brand new single since 2006, the ridiculous “Boom Boom Pow Pow” has knocked off our Lady there. “Boom Boom Pow Pow” jumped from #36 to #1 in the US HOT 100 Billboard Charts. It’s an another relief but I don’t think it really deserves the #1 spot at all.

So if you’ve read my other updates I was talking about Japanese Pop Star Utada’s second try to break into the US Music scene right? LOL. Her album “This Is The One” is a huge surprise to my senses. I’ve heard and seen her perform on TV with her Japanese singles and I’m quite impressed with them but when I heard her album I was quite pleased and very satistfied with the results. Amazing. Watch out for a full review when I get home. I’m too lazy to write something with this kind of vacation. Haha.

Love love. I’ll keep you updated with everything. LOL. Toodles.



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3 responses to “Can you stay up for the weekend?

  1. Nikki

    Its not actually that hot back here in Metro Manila – its rained real hard yesterday! Livable, but Bagyo isn’t as cold as it used to be anymore.I have her album but I haven’t had a chance to listen to it. Maybe I will.

  2. Ken

    Yeah. I agree that it isn’t as cold compared before but I’m kind of appreciating it much better since it’s hot in QC. 14 degrees ain’t bad huh. Haha.Utada is absolutely in. Her album is somehow americanised. YOu should defo listen to it. ASAP.

  3. Nikki

    About the Utada album. I don’t know, I listened to the first song and I liked it but then it became boring. The songs are great but something makes it boring. Will have to listen to it a little better.

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