Single Reviews Roundup: P!nk, Ciara, Frankmusik and more…

It’s time for a single reviews round-up. This time, it’ll be short because I’m busy with some other things. Unfortunately.

P!nk – “Please Don’t Leave Me”

Hearing the first 2 seconds of the song. I was like, “Is this a ballad or what?” Then it evolved into a slow-rock anthem incorporated with a little bit of electric guitar flare. Hearing the entire song made me like it as a favourite track. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to listen to it dramatically like take serious attention to the entire song. All in a while, after seeing the music video for “PDLM”, I was literally shocked and happy at the same time watching it. Desperation comes up for P!nk ranting about being not left alone and wanting for a second chance for a relationship. P!nk delivered the song with convincing emotion and thus making it a somehow favourable. Emotional as it may seem, “PDLM” is angsty enough yet soft to crack up the charts in no time.

RELEASE: April 27, 2009

Ciara featuring Justin Timberlake – “Love Sex Magic”

Gaining much attention, Ciara has been releasing some singles that quite never made the mainstream for the past year. Justin Timberlake has been all over the place squirming around with his songs from 2007 – 2008. Luckily, we are able to take a break from hearing JT for a while until he’s back with a collab with T.I. for “Dead and Gone”. And Ciara? Yeah she’s been okay with “Never Ever”. “Love, Sex Magic” is a certified dance-floor filling anthem. It’s infectious beat, beat-box like samples and electronic accompaniments never failed to bring the song with direct attention and funk. Addictive, infectious and pretty much sexy in every inch. “LSM” is definitely a spot on track with enough glits and glamour to place it where it is meant to be. The top 5.

RELEASE: March 3, 2009 (US) , April 5, 2009 (UK Digital), April 27, 2009 (UK CD Single)

Frankmusik – “Better Off As Two”

Well, this lad has been in just around the corner for merely 2 years now, yet he still hasn’t released his own material. Luckily, at the tail end of 2008, “his EP, 3 Little Words” emerged and it provided a clear idea what Frankmusik a.k.a Vincent Frank would sound like? Yeah, he’s made some remixes for some of the top songs of today and made a pretty good impression in major clubs with his electifying beats and danceable little masterpieces but “Better Off As Two” showcases what Frank as an artist is all about. It’s pretty impressive and amazing to be honest. He’s got a good voice and it encases much of his talent with impressive fast paced rhythm incorporated with electro-pop synths and flares. “Better off as Two” is quite an another dance-floor filling track and it’s appeal is spot on and its very likeable in myriad ways. Quite early to say, but Frank might be around the corner for a long while. With this talent, there’s boundless possiblities.

RELEASED: April 13, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Zero”

Only after hearing “Zero” I was able to know this band. As far as I’m concerned, they’ve been around for a while now. I even thought they were British for christ’s sake. Anyways, these New York based band is back with their latest offering. “Zero” tends to incinerate something very naughty. It’s transition is clearly delivered from a little bit of soft intro evolving into a big rocky, edgy that somehow tends to be a little bit clamourous in obvious parts. Although having said that, “Zero” presents a different array of musicality. With it’s irresistible thumping beats, jumpy synths that placed a lot of disco feel in their latest offering, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are looking steadily for a nice decent comeback and heck ya, have you seen their advertisements? Their effin’ awesome.

RELEASE: April 13, 2009



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One response to “Single Reviews Roundup: P!nk, Ciara, Frankmusik and more…

  1. Paul

    i love Please Don’t Leave Me. It revitalised my interest in the album. And Frankmusic? I can’t believe he hasn’t happened yet. Still he should be getting a chart debut this week. I have to confess i’m a tiny bit bored of him now, but will probably bounce right back once the album drops. I was like this with Little Boots – loved her, got bored, now love her again!

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