Random picks (NEW releases and upcoming tracks)

So, I’m headed off to another adventure tomorrow. I’ll be going on a 2 day vacay so I’ll probably not be posting until Monday for a UK chart update. Here are some new tracks that I would like to talk about especially the new releases. Promise, they’re all awesome. Watch out for decent reviews when I get the chance. Click on the links to listen to them.

Laura Izibor – “Don’t Stay”
It’s the second single released by Irish soul singing sensation, Laura Izibor. Her first single “Shine” was released earlier March and now she’s prepping for the release of her debut album, “Let The Truth Be Told”. The track is absolutely a stunner with Laura’s ever soulful vocals caresses the entire song with ease. The track is quite impressive and it’s an instant classic.

Kate Voegele – “99 Times”
This song is the second single off from Kate’s second LP, “A Fine Mess” (tbr May 19, 2009). It’s a cutesy pop rock song that can put her in the likes of Taylor Swift. It’s catchy enough to be very impressive with it’s tantalising “Ooohhs” in the interludes. It’s the first song that I’ve ever liked from Kate and I’m quite getting back to her again. Me likey.

Little Boots – “New In Town”

Okay. I’m asking why this Blackpool electronic singer isn’t at the top of the charts until now? It’s quite resenting but she is up for her first ever CD Single release. It’s titled “New In Town” and it’s going to be in stores May 25, 2009 (UK). The song is pretty much enjoyable from start to finish showcasing a little bit of her range. It’s quite different from “Stuck On Repeat” which is really quite heavy and a little bit robotic from start to finish. I will be agitated if this will not crack the top 10 when it is released.

Alesha Dixon – “Let’s Get Excited”
So far, Alesha has been cracking the top 20 for her past 2 singles now and I’m quite impressed with her music. She’s up for releasing “Let’s Get Excited”, the third single off from her album “The Alesha Show”. I believe this is a million mile better than “The Boy Does Nothing”. The song is categorically a party song and it has it’s jumpy beats and dance-floor filling in a quite quirky and fun way. It’s a definite ace again from Alesha.

Alex Roots – “Fake”

This cutesy girl from the UK doesn’t seem to be your typical 16-year old rocker. With her clean looks, it’s quite deceiving that this girl has one heck of a voice. She’s a definite rockstar on her own rights now with a punk-pop-rock attitude relating to the earlier Avril Lavigne we’ve seen way back in the early 2000’s. She’s a stunner and suggests that she can be the next Avril if she decides to go on that way of her career. It’s edgy rock tune has a lot to say with her music tackling about usual teenage stuff. It’s quite believable and impressive.

Kristinia DeBarge – “Goodbye”
She’s fresh and hip and could be a fusion of Australia’s Jessica Mauboy and Pop superstar Rihanna. With Babyface backing this girl up, she’s ready for a taste of the music limelight. A summery, dance-floor filling pop track, “Goodbye” readily satisfies the intuitive ventures of the hard to break world of pop music. It’s fresh and definitely can be a radio favourite. There’s got to be more offerings from this young lady. One of the few breakthroughs this year that we’ll surely remember.

that’s it. I’m effin’ tired. See you in 2 days. ;))



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2 responses to “Random picks (NEW releases and upcoming tracks)

  1. Paul

    “i’m effing tired” Bwahahahahahahahaha. Language young man!! LOL.

    Oh Laura Zipper or whatever her name is is one of those people i mean to get excited about but keep forgetting. I love Little Boots. She needs to be more massive than Gaga now!!

    And i adore lovely Alesha. She is one of my favourite popstars of the moment and keeps releasing utterly brilliant singles. LOVE HER!

  2. Ken

    Haha. AT least I’m not saying the real world right? Haha.

    Laura is amazing. I think you should wait for her album first before you start liking her again. She’s not forgettable. Promise.

    Little boots is defo amazing. She SHOULD be bigger than GaGa. I just love her.

    and Alesha? She’s just pure pop brillo. I admire her so much after the release of Breathe Slow.

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