Lady GaGa does Coldplay and it sucks.

Well, she had a visit with the Radio 1 Live Lounge yesterday and unexpectedly, she does a cover of the massive hit from Coldplay, “Viva La Vida”. It enters with the piano like theme of “Poker Face (Acoustic)” with her o-ooo-o chant. I absolutely think she doesn’t know the exact lyrics of the song with instead of “I rolled the dice” she said, “I ruled the dice” and just practically screwing the entire song. I was quite insulted with the performance because it was such a brilliant song and GaGa ruined it without any doubt. Btw, during the performance she admitted that she screwed up with the lyrics and apologises to Coldplay immediately.

And I Quote:

But I’m trying my very best to not ruin the words, strong apologies to Coldplay. But I think otherwise, it’s a good job.” – GaGa

are you kidding me? LOL.

And btw, even though I hated GaGa’s cover, her hat was absolutely fab. Love it.

Here’s the evidence (check out the YouTube videos of her performance):

(Lady GaGa – “Viva La Vida”):
and here’s the original version of Coldplay:

anyways, download the mp3 of the cover:


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3 responses to “Lady GaGa does Coldplay and it sucks.

  1. Paul

    it absolutely did suck. forgetting the words? Unforgiveable! UGH! Now the first twenty seconds of With Every Heartbeat by Girls Aloud is no longer the worst live lounge ever!!

  2. Ken

    I have to agree. It’s very sinful and I despised GaGa on that moment. BTW, I hated that GA cover too.

  3. Anonymous

    Don’t you love how everyone can’t help but sing and dance when one of Lady Gaga’s songs comes on?? Totally crazy right? Just text, “GAGA” to 30303 for her new ringtone, and then whenever your phone rings you can watch the people around you dance. Ahahaha. It’s so funny.

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