Album of the Week: Bat For Lashes – "Two Suns"

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get hold of this Brighton babe, Natasha Khan also known as the eponymous, “Bat For Lashes” until yesterday when I listened to her second LP, “Two Suns” heavily. It resulted me to perk up a review to release my thoughts about the highly critically acclaimed album.

After hearing her new single “Daniel”, I was curious enough to check out what would Natasha Khan offer to my hungry senses. After a massive struggle (not really), I was able to get familiar about what she sounded like and I was utterly speechless. It was odd compared to today’s pop music but it was definitely brilliant in myriad ways.

Getting nods on the elusive Mercury Prize for her first album, “Fur and Gold” released 2007 and Brit Award nomination as Best British Female. Getting these nods is a practical way to know Bat For Lashes. Although not selling quite well, being her debut LP not reaching the top 40 of the UK Albums Chart Natasha is still focused on producing a more impulsive yet depictive of her sound materials. It eventually resulted to the second LP, “Two Suns” which is somehow cultish but yet soft, sensual, and has an impressive poetically crafted lyrics.

“Two Suns” opens in a tribal instrument inspired piece “Glass” which seemed to be haunting opposed to a berceuse. With Natasha’s falsettos brooding into the chorus and the bridge of the song, it really seem haunted but not really horrifying to stop playing the CD and think it’s some kind of a requiem compilation or anything that seems to be “Possessed”. LOL.

“Sleeping Alone” isn’t quite as different with “Glass”. It still has the haunting feeling less with its definitive lyrics and impulsive beat warbling towards the end of the song. It’s subtle yet again impressive track that puts her a distinct flavour apart today’s chart topping pop stars.

Aside from being a little bit melancholic in tune, Natasha also can do a variety of things to her music. With an 80’s pop feel supporting her, she exquisitely sings “Daniel” with grace and appeal to a much bigger audience. “Daniel” starts in a slow lullaby-like anthem evolving into a danceable masterpiece. It’s not really “DANCE” as we call it now but it somehow incorporates a vintage disco feel that fits to the tastes of many pop fanatics.

“Siren Song” on the other hand, presents a teary-eyed anthem with assuring yet overwhelming lyrics “In the morning I’ll make you breakfast, I’ll always be happy to kiss you, I promise I’ll never get sad.” Natasha also has an enigmatic alter-ego called “Pearl” which she clearly announces with swagger in the dreamy yet cathartic “Pearl’s Dream”.

Natasha did a very good job in extending her musicality in terms of ingenuity and uncanny. Creating a wonderful symphony of ethereal, esoteric anthems that seem like unparalleled flourished with generosity of applying borderless craftsmanship. Having said all of those dark, somatic and seemingly bizarre use of tribal drums and mundane instruments, Natasha delivers the album with aplomb, zeal and enough enigma to leave us wondering and waiting for a more adventurous, courageous take of Natasha Khan (a.k.a) Bat For Lashes on her next material.

RELEASED: April 6, 2009


STAND OUT TRACKS: “Daniel”, “Sleep Alone”, “Pearl’s Dream”

LISTEN To the lead single “Daniel”:



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2 responses to “Album of the Week: Bat For Lashes – "Two Suns"

  1. Poster Girl

    I haven’t heard the album yet (though I agree that “Daniel” is a masterpiece…and I adore the video, too–it’s maybe my favorite this year), but this review, especially that last paragraph (fantastic writing!), make me think I really have to.

  2. Ken

    Yeah. This has got to be one of my favourite non-pop albums this year. I love Daniel. Amazingness. Natasha is just brillo.

    Thanks for the compliment btw. 😀

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