Rich Boys. I wanna take you out tonight.

  • It seems I can’t get over with Little Boots this past few days so it’s another post about her and some other things. Apparently as the title says, “Rich Boys”. It’s a cover version of Blackpool, UK artist, Little Boots of the phenomenal hit by The Virgins “Rich Girls”. I absolutely like the electropop feel that Victoria Hesketh (a.k.a Little Boots) placed on it and it’s absolutely better than the original album although the original one has a more upbeat and fast paced tempo in it. It’s a magnificent cover and one of the best I’ve heard so far this year. Hmm.. I’m thinking of placing covers as a special but I don’t know if I’m going to push it. Anyways, listen to the cover version of the song DL: HERE (promo only).
And the remixes of “New In Town” are out and they’re all fab. You should check out the Emil and Friends remix and Fred Falke remix if you can.

And buy her single when it comes out in May 2009. 🙂

RATING: 4.5/5 for the effort and all the glits and glamour added.

  • One thing I regret the most nowadays is not being able to listen to Agnes Carlsson way back. Nikki (Pop Reviews Now) has been ranting about her last year and I’m quite okay about it. Absolutely not paying attention to her material. Fortunately, I’m just in time to listen to her deluxe edition album (Dance Love Pop : The Love Love Love Edition) released (April 1, 2009 in Sweden). Her single “Release Me” will be released in the United Kingdom on May 11, 2009 and this will pave way to Agnes’ commercial success internationally. She’s purely amazing and I can’t wait to see more of her. Btw, she has released 3 albums and I’m so late about her. Tsk tsk.
Listen to the acoustic version of her single “Release Me”, which is included in the Deluxe Edition album HERE (courtesy of Pop Nation)
  • and an amazing news, Pixie Lott has released the music video of her debut single “Mama Do”. Of course, they’re all ranting about this for the past 24 hours and I think I’m a little bit late about this one. Anyways, Pixie Lott is prepping for the release of “Mama Do” which is due for a May 11 release.
  • The video is quite a fun video with girly stuffs involved. Starts in a very wholesome scene where she is thrown inside a pillow with all of its feathers then evolves into something naughty and sexy. She’s quite very versatile eh. And the voice? Are you kiddin’ me? Wit h all the riffs and stuff she can be the next international cross over. The video is pure brill. Love it.
  • Here it is:



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2 responses to “Rich Boys. I wanna take you out tonight.

  1. Paul

    Yay thanks for the Little Boots cover 🙂 And Pixie is on Radio 2 in the UK tomorrow doing a cover of Take That’s Never Forget. It’s bound to be EPIC! BTW Check out Marina and the Diamonds, and Elouise. I think you’ll like 🙂

  2. Ken

    I’m going to listen to that “Take That” cover as soon as I can. Anyways, I’ve been waiting to hear about Marina and the Diamonds for a long time now. I’ll check them up.

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